Veterans Get TDC HALF OFF

By Bethany Vanderbilt on July 19, 2017

When I met Amanda Rowan eight years ago, one of the things that stood out to me immediately was her courage and commitment to serve others -- to stand up when she saw injustice or inefficiency, to challenge the status quo even when it wasn’t popular to do so, and most importantly to extend herself in order to help others.

Social Work Exam Prep Programs

When she brought me on at the Therapist Development Center six years ago, it became clear that her commitment to making the world a better place was the thread that ran through the heart of the company. Early on with TDC, we started seeing requests from veterans of the US Armed Services who had turned to social work and marriage and family therapy as a second career, and Amanda met each one with gratitude and a willingness to provide the materials at a significant discount. “It’s the least we can do,” she would say, often clearly wishing she could do more. Together we would reflect with awe that everyday brave men and women selflessly protect and defend our nation while we go about our lives in peace.

A few months ago we discussed the fact that we shouldn’t wait for Vets to ask. We should let them know that we are WITH THEM UNTIL THEY PASS, and at a significantly reduced rate. The Therapist Development Center wants to acknowledge their service because we believe more can and should be done by every civilian American to support our troops and veterans. Because of this, we offer all veterans 50% off the cost of our programs.

As a team we've decided that if you are a Veteran of the US Armed Services, you can use our study materials and coaching support for 50% OFF. You’ve dedicated your life in service to our country, and now you’ve chosen a career in mental health -- we are humbled by and grateful for your commitment to service. It would be our honor to help you PASS your social work or marriage and family licensing exams with confidence. Just send us an email with verification of your service and we’ll set you up with the program that you need for half off. You can use the materials until you PASS. Let’s do this.


To receive materials, please provide proof of veteran status and verification of test registration. 

Do you know a veteran or active duty service member who is studying for their licensure exam? If so, please contact Lynda:




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July 2, 2021

Wondering if you still offer this for veterans and if the email address is the same? Thank you.

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September 13, 2021

That is correct!

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