Social Work Exam Prep Reviews

Lauren Presutti, LCSW

With the TDC program, I went into my exam confidently on my first attempt and passed by a huge margin (I needed 103, and I got 132). But before I purchased my study program from TDC, I was studying all the wrong material. I literally spent months studying the wrong material. I even created 9 different study posters that I plastered all over my bedroom. I thought I knew what I was doing, but I was struggling so much to consume heavy technical knowledge (that I later found out was unnecessary). Then I tried using those acronyms that other prep programs will tell you about, and that was even more of a disaster because those acronyms do NOT work for all case scenarios and I was getting extremely frustrated with how many practice questions did not fit the logic of those acronyms. I never took the exam using any of these study methods because I felt extremely unprepared and fragmented. It was so stressful. I finally decided to purchase the TDC program, and THAT WAS THE BEST DECISION. I can confidently say that I would have failed the exam without the TDC program. I’m not trying to convince you of anything – this is just my honest opinion as a 28-year-old student from Michigan. I am a Type A organized student and the structure of TDC was unbelievably helpful to me. Being able to email unlimited questions to a TDC coach and receive prompt responses that made sense was invaluable. Being able to listen to the audio lectures and also have handouts provided was amazing. The TDC program made my study process feel 1,000 times easier and more manageable. I have so much regret that I didn’t just use TDC from the very beginning. It made the exam feel super easy to me. There will always be some questions on the exam that you have to make guesses on, but when I was taking my exam, I knew within the first 30 minutes that I was going to pass it because I felt so confident. Do yourself a favor and just use the TDC program. I cannot express enough how grateful I am for this program.

Julie A. Setnan, LCSW

Without a single doubt I know this program was the most significant reason I passed my LCSW exam on the first attempt. I would not have been fully prepared without it! Most important though is that I am thrilled with the amount of information I learned that will serve me well in all of my future endeavors as a therapist. Truly Amanda and the rest of the TDC team we’re with me during my entire exam-spurring me on to success! The test-taking strategies you teach were another major factor in my positive result on my first attempt. Not only would I recommend TDC to others in the future but, I have already shared repeatedly my experience to anyone who has asked for helpful ideas on the Facebook study groups which is an attempt at paying it forward to those that told me about it this past spring. I did two complete loops through the entire program before taking both final mock exams and that was pivotal to my success, as well. Thank you so much for providing me with the tools I needed to make this dream of mine a reality. Worth every single penny!!!

Jessica Martinez, LMSW

I just passed my LMSW exam on my FIRST try today 10/16/20. I am still in complete shock. All I have to say is if you are looking at other study programs or trying to learn those acronyms that so many other programs teach... STOP. This program is all that I needed to pass the exam on my FIRST try. Here's my story: After graduating with my MSW in 2019 I researched into study programs for the LMSW exam. I found this program and decided it was worth the investment if they had a pass rate of 95% and all of these great testimonials. Let me tell you that those testimonials are not lying. This program CARES about you passing. I requested for a program extension when I moved in July and was given it almost immediately. After getting settled with my move and rescheduling my test, I began studying the program about 3 months out. If you follow their recommendations with studying their material (listening to the videos multiple times, studying the quick studies, reviewing the quizzes, etc.) you are in a good place to pass your exam. My final mock exam score was almost the same as my final exam score... one point off to be exact. My favorite part about this program is they teach you how to think and break down the reasoning based questions to understand what is really being asked. Thank you TDC from the bottom of my heart. Also, special shoutout to Emily Pellegrino for answering my questions. I will be purchasing this program again for my LCSW without a doubt.

Alexandra Cardona, LCSW

I graduated May 2014 and a month later started studying for the LCSW exam by taking a weekend long course offered by one of the Professors at the University with a group of friends from my cohort. Being that I just graduated and everything was theoretical to me, as I had no frame of reference with most of the information I learned in grad school, it was hard to retain it all. I went on to take the exam and failed. I kept studying and later took the exam again after a year to fail again by a few points. I took a course online after purchasing the ASWB test prep and study guide and failed again by 1 point. I went on to take another study course online and failed again by 1 point. My supervisor recommended I try Hipnosis, and after much thought and consideration, I declined. After studying for 5-6 years, failing more than 5 times amidst a couple family deaths of mine, I finally said to myself I should try this program. I previously stayed away from trying since it was over budget, but seeing now that I have spent more than $2,000 between failing exams and other study materials, I should have taken this program a LONG TIME AGO. I had spent many years studying and trying and only being frustrated and let down. I told myself this would be my last time trying and I was going to put my all into it. I did exactly what the program recommenced and in April 2020 I finally Passed!!!!! The joy and freedom I felt was unreal. What confidence and hope this program provides. I am SO VERU THANKFUL for the service the Therapist Developmental Center team has offered so many other people who feel hopeless and tired. What a blessing you are to many. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jennifer M. Long, LMSW

This is my testimony!! This has been nearly a 20 year journey! I last took LSW exam in 2001. I took the test 2 times and missed them by 6 and 2 points, respectively. I was very broken and swore I would never take it again cause my emotions were wrecked! I was too afraid to take the test again. I am a nervous test taker and was afraid of repeating the same thing. Then my life changed dramatically in Sept 2019, so I faced my test again. This time I was determined to face this giant and watch my fear go away. I am a Christian and I prayed, praised, worshipped and asked for prayers from my family and friends as I faced this test again. This time I got the TDC program along with another curriculum book. For me, the combination of both materials worked so well together. TDC made all the info make sense and understanding how Amanda thought about each question and how to get to the answer. I was scheduled to take my LMSW in March 2020, but it was cancelled due to the Coronavirus and my assigned Pearson Vue closed. I was so determined to take it and was heartbroken that it had to be cancelled. I wrote TDC and asked for an extension and it was immediately granted. So, I got back in the saddle and my test was rescheduled for June 12th. My mom and I went to find the testing site on June 5th- one week before my test and we parked in the 2nd spot. The day of the test I had my quiet time, devotional, prayer, praise time and a great breakfast. I had my recommend banana and juice with me for the snack after question 85. Before I left my home, my mom prayed with me. The traffic was great! When I got to the site for the test, I got the exact same 2nd spot from the week before!! Everyone at the site was so nice and professional. So, I sat down at my computer and said a prayer and started the test. I wrote down some things to remember- Erickson (I remembered what Amanda said to recall the first word of the each developmental stage), community org, program evaluation and development (which was amazing to learn with TDC), Maslow, Piaget, etc. along with lines from Christian songs and verses from the Bible. When I ended the test and saw PASS. I started to shaking and was just overjoyed!! I noticed that I needed 100 and got 122 questions correct!! This long post is to be an encouragement to everyone to not give up on a goal or yourself. You can do this!! Involve your family and friends to support and pray. If you are person of faith, keep asking God for help. If you are not a person of faith, keep telling yourself that you will be pass and I promise you it will happen. Now, as I wait for the Board to review all my paperwork, I plan to begin studying for the Clinical Exam. Until Jan 2021, NJ is allowing candidates to sit for the exam without their hours completed!! So, this is my new goal. I plan to use the TDC LCSW program. It worked so well for my learning style for my LSW exam. Many thanks to TDC, my family, friends, and the Lord for keeping me strong and helping me to achieve this goal!!