Social Work Exam Prep Reviews

Sharonn Dinkins, LCSW

This program is Gold!!!! My professor recommended that I invest in it. I was able to see my progress in reading the questions to fully understand the question the question that was being asked. This program truly prepared me to think like a social worker in different settings. I feel more confident in my broader competence of this profession as a whole as opposed to just my own area of expertise. The exam questions were on a similar level of difficulty as questions that are given in the programs Mock Exams. I felt confident in sifting out answer choices that were not relevant due to the programs way of training on how to identify the important components of the question. Sincere thank you to TDC. I am forever grateful. This truly enhance my test taking experience and will continue to reflect positively in my work throughout the profession. Thank you!

Josephine Sharkey, LCSW

I am 22 years out of grad school. I took 10 years off from SW, had 3 kids and went back to the field a few years ago. I was so far from my education when I started studying. In my pretest I scored a 48%. What I liked about this program was the mix of audio, quizzes and then tests. Little by little, I retained more and more information . When I hit what felt like plateau, I reached out to the coaches and was redirected to an early lecture about test strategy. I believe that lecture is what brought me over from close to passing to definitely passing. Most of my exam questions were "what should the SW do first." This took a while for me to grasp. 20 questions into the exam and I was confident I was going to pass because I felt well prepared. I can't say enough about this program. Having my LCSW will be a career changer for me. I am sooo happy! My employer even reimbursed me for this program. I just can't say enough about my experience. This program is worth the money. Before I close, I wanted to say I especially liked that the program was going to be available to me until I passed. I subscribed to this program way before I was ready to start studying. At the time I had all intentions to start studying but life happened. No problem, I asked for an extension a couple of times and it was granted. There were no worries. 

Ylissa Cortez Aquino, LCSW

I submitted my hours back in October 2019 and was approved to take the exam in Feb 2020. I scheduled the exam for May 27th 2020 prior to hearing about COVID. I tried studying and working full time, but eventually I relented and took about 3.5 weeks off from work to devote to studying and self care. I studied about 4 hours a day. Some days, I just decided to not study at all because I needed a break. But having a plan helped me keep on track. I listened to the TDC lectures, took copious notes, and went through the study system step by step. I quizzed myself every few days and boned up on my weak spots by reviewing the terms and concepts. Given that I was testing with the COVID still in full swing, I practiced the full mock exams with a mask on and I scored a 76/72 on my final mocks. I knew I was ready. Honestly, the mock exam questions didn’t really resemble actual exam. However, TDC prepared me to “attack the test.” Even on questions that I was stuck on, I was usually able to eliminate 1-2 answers and keep the momentum going. The pep talk prior to the exam was also helpful to reassure me and recap the test taking strategies. The actual exam was mostly based on reasoning and TDC helped provide the tools I needed to figure it out. I highly recommend TDC. It’s the ONLY test preparation you’ll need for the ASWB exam.

Nicole Eshelman, LCSW

I PASSED!!!!!! I took the exam Friday May 22, 2020 and passed with the help of TDC!! I took the test in May 18 and failed by 5 points and then had to postpone taking it again due to having a baby; however, when I signed back up to take it I researched other methods of studying because the Apgar book just seemed like it had WAY too much information. I came across TDC and I am soooooooo glad I did. I wouldn't of passed without this study course. The material in the top 50 topics was spot on and Amanda's reasoning as to how to get to the right answers are great. I took her in the room with me while taking the test. I will say one thing that helped me - I was already done with all the other materials for the course - was that I listened to the top 50 topics the morning before the exam and it for sure helped me. On my test there were about 5 questions that came up that I heard in the top 50 topics lecture, especially when Amanda was just talking about "you may see this or the test may ask you that." It was fresh on my mind going into to the test the following morning. I am so grateful for all of the coaches!!! Words cannot describe how I felt when I saw the PASS on the screen, I was crying with excitement lol. Heidi was a HUGE help, I would email her questions and the detailed responses were an added bonus to clarify things. Thank you, thank you, thank you TDC for being there with me to pass the LCSW exam !!!! I will recommend this to EVERYONE I know getting ready for it.

Mina Youssef, LCSW

TDC is simply far more superior than any other program including ASWB, Pocket Prep, Apgar, and Phillip's videos on Youtube. The reason I say that because these other program LITERALLY freaked me out because they made feel there were far more items that I needed to learn. That is NOT true. These other programs go into far more details than needed. They bombard you with so much more than you should be preparing for.
TDC on the other hand, they know what they're tlaking about.
Their approach is on point.
Their organization is on point.
Their questions is on point.
Their quizzes are on point.
Their tests are extremely comparable.
Amanda's audios are on point.
I literally can't stress her enough.
Today, when I went to the exam, I literally took her in there with me. Well, that's what she told me at least lol. Her final lecture is a pep talk and she tells you to take her in there with you for imaginary consults. Yes, sounds delusional, but it worked! WWAD (what would amanda do?) lol The reason behind this, is because after listening to the entire program and relistening it to it again, she sort of resonates in your mind. And that PRECISELY is what helps you to logically choose the right answer. She was amazing. Her team (idk what their names are) but they were amazing too cuz they responded to the questions almost instantly. Thank you all for helping me kickstart my career. I'd love to work for you guys in the future too. Not sure how but this was the best learning process!