Social Work Exam Prep Reviews

Maria Sariol, LCSW

TDC is the best investment one can make to study, prepare for, take, and pass the exam. I utilized the audios, handouts, and mock exams for the LCSW exam and found them exceptionally helpful. I am an extremely anxious text taker and found audio learning to be a grounding experience. I was so appreciative of the test taking strategy skills and Amanda's encouraging voice as she suggested to take her with you into the exam room. I kept hearing her voice as I was reading the answers to questions asking was what the first and what is the next thing that needs to be done. I stayed on task, stayed focused, and was able to minimize my anxiety throughout the four hours. I finally passed the LCSW (May 16th) and cannot tell you how happy and pleased I am that I utilized TDC. The program is worth the investment. The suggestions and guidance are right on point. TDC made the difference. The sense of accomplishment after dedicating the time to practice and learn is amazing. Thank you for creating such an incredible program. I cannot recommend the Therapist Development Center enough!!. It was exactly what I needed to finally pass!!

Grecia Herrera, LCSW

TDC is incredible and without it I would not have been able to get into the right mind frame to focus, study, take all the practice material and PASS. With an infant at home and working part-time; prioritization and time were of the essence. I did not have the emotional capacity to fail so I followed the directives of Amanda and her team as without it I would not have been able to PASS. I did NOT use any outside material as I trusted Amanda and her team were preparing me for the LCSW exam as comprehensive as possible. If you follow the exact directives she provides and carve out that time to really focus you WILL PASS!! TDC doesn't have you fighting the LCSW exam but rather it has you use your study preparation as a measure of the type of social worker you are. I loved the focus on ethics, as I agree that there needs to be more ethical social work practice in the field. It gets you to ACTUALLY think rather then memorize some stuff. My initial exam date was actually programed in mid-March but was cancelled do to Coronavirus. I was devastated but I called a at the end of the April after taking a 3 week break from studying ( at which point I had already completed the program twice as suggested by Amanda) and decided on Monday to take the test on Saturday. And PASSED it on the first attempt. I was really calm as I felt fully prepared. Thank you so much to Amanda and her team!!! They are INCREDIBLE and so responsive. If this program can work for a mom with an infant and part-time job; I have NO doubt it can work for anyone!!! This program is worth EVERY single dollar!!!!! Just follow their directive and you too will be an ethical critical thinking social worker!!

Alecia Peters, LMSW

I have taken my LMSW Exam many times before and I usually would use a study guide. I even gave up and thought that my dream of becoming a social worker would not ever happen. I was encouraged by my coworkers to try again. Someone referred TDC. I prayed about it and made the decision to use TDC. I spent two months studying, listening to the recordings, and praying to God to help me to pass. The website is extremely user friendly!! I am an auditoral and visual learner so this program was perfect for me. I reached out to Coach Heidi for additional guidance and was very patient and practical. She was INCREDIBLE!!!! Today I just took my LMSW and I PASSED!!!!!! I am EXTREMELY GRATEFUL FOR THE TDC PROGRAM!!! God used Amanda, Emily, and Heidi to help me to manifest my dream!!!!! I plan to highly recommend TDC to everyone!!!! Thank you very much for making a difference in my life!!!!!

Lauren Taylor, LCSW

I took the exam for the first time a year ago. I failed. I was extremely intimidated to study, especially without a plan for success. I finally reached out to colleagues for some guidance, as my aspirations outweighed my fears of the exam. I was directed to this program which is a GAME CHANGER when it comes to study tools. I gave birth to my daughter in March. This program is so efficient that I was adequately able to study, while being sure my daughters needs were provided for. The audio lectures and personal coach were a helpful and needed touch. I entered the exam feeling successfully prior to receiving my score. The “Pass” was confirmation of both my abilities and the solid foundations in clinical practice, this program offers. I needed a score of 103 to pass and received a score of 114. This program was a driving force in that accomplishment. I give God all the glory and extend a special thank you to the team at TDC. THANK YOU ! Thank you ! THANK YOU !!!!!!!

Janina Dowdy, LCSW

Each time that I went through the course I learned to focus on different areas of the exam that I had previously missed or overlooked. Sometimes it was even a matter of not thoroughly understanding the concept, but once I did, it made a huge difference. Breaking down the questions step by step and looking at FIRST, NEXT, BEST OR MUST steps really helps you think through those steps and realize that it's just a matter of prioritizing what is most important. It makes a huge difference in the learning process how many times you repeat and re-learn the information. The short quizzes were also very helpful as well as being able to re-take the mock exams and quizzes. Last of all, it's important to recognize what areas you struggle with and really try to focus in and learn how to overcome those weaknesses and turn them into permanent strengths. Overall I felt like that TDC did a great job in covering a lot of information.