Social Work Exam Prep Reviews

Jacob Cooper, LCSW

Jacob Cooper LCSW has arrived!!!!! I want to first and foremost give a special shout out to my coach Heidi. I came to TDC completely devistated after working my tail off and failing my first attempt by 5 Questions. I really needed to pass as I am tied into many different avenues that need my full attention including writing a book with a major publisher. Heidi never backed down and gave me her full attention and thorough responses in countless emails. It was wonderful to have a private tutoring session with her as well. I loved the break down of the program. The results are there if you follow all the steps and approach the test from a holistic approach. I am going to be honest that test was a grind to the very end and there were many here we go again moments. Heidi's voice was there to calm me down and find the inner confidence to presevere aka Mamba Mentality!! I couldn't reccomend it enough I have my life back and can finally give others and my goals my full attention. Highly recommend TDC. Bravo to this excellent program!!

Dawn R. Bailey, LMSW

I passed the LMSW exam on my first attempt by utilizing TDC’s LMSW Exam Prep. I received a score of 121, but needed only 99. I did not use anything else to help me study, as I found it difficult to determine what would be beneficial and what was not. I did not use acronyms and did not order any practice materials from the ASWB or elsewhere. I strictly used TDC’s study materials. The audio was crucial to my study style (thank you Amanda!). I printed off the quick studies, reviewed them fairly regularly, listened to the audio often and made good use of the tests that were offered in print as well as online. The program proved to be a stand alone comprehensive prep course that was easy to use. My score on the TDC LMSW pre-test was a 58 (failing). After studying the TDC materials, I scored 77 on the final mock exam (passing). Then, I passed the real exam on my first attempt! The scores speak for themselves. Thank you TDC!

Amanda Raether, LCSW

I passed the ASWB Clinical exam (LCSW) yesterday!! I'm so happy I decided to use this program, as I had taken the exam previously and failed. Basically, I had lost confidence in myself and was second guessing my answers. Then I found the TDC program! After completing the whole program, scoring well on each full mock exam....I reached out to a coach for some last minute assistance and then decided to go for it! I listened to the pep talk multiple times, was sure to try all suggestions given such as; exercising the day before, eating a piece of fruit (banana), and even though I was terrified of running out of time....I took a break at the halfway mark! OH and don't forget to ask your test site if you can have the unwrapped cough drops on a kleenex/napkin! All of that led me to passing! Woo!! I feel such a huge amount of relief! TDC was just what I needed to raise my confidence and learn how to answer those first/next, most/best, primary, etc., questions! I can truly say NOT using any of the acronyms to put the answers in order was the "key" for me! Personally, using those made choosing an answer much worse and seemed to take more of my time. So a big...THANK YOU to TDC!!! I'm so excited!!

Mauranda N. Bernbry, LCSW

This program is the most comprehensive learning and preparation program I have ever experienced. Throughout my professional and educational development, I have purchased many prep programs and have attended a couple of seminars. However, the TDC is the most robust program thus far. As an audio/visual learning, it was suitable to my learning needs by providing audio recordings and printable study guides on all major topics covered in the exam. The quizzes and mock exams were extremely helpful in preparing for the actual test, as well as providing me with immediate feedback on content areas to study more. I also appreciated the opportunity to extend my program time, because at one point I felt I needed more time to prepare. The staff quickly responded to my request and extended it for free!!!  Because of this program, the time I dedicated to studying, and many prayers, I PASSED my exam on the first attempt!!! One and done!! Thank you TDC for everything!!!

Jennifer J. Alexander, LCSW

First I thank my God, Jesus Christ for blessing me to pass the exam. TDC was a blessing sent by God to me and I am so glad to have had it. Amanda is an amazing teacher, I felt comfortable with her from the first audio tape. Amanda's test taking strategies were very helpful. I believe the reasoning skills were most helpful to me in building my confidence. I not only then knew what I got wrong but why I got it wrong. The practice tests allowed me to gain insight into what areas I needed help. I prayed and called on God throughout the exam to help me and He did. Amanda at times I imagined you there with me reasoning through what comes first or next as I answered. I had confidence this time, that I didn't have the past times I took the exam. Thank you Amanda Rowan for your willingness to work hard putting this system together in an effort to help us become effective clinicians. Thank God for using you to be a blessing to so many. I have already recommended this system and will continue to do so.