Social Work Exam Prep Reviews

Nicole Agnese , LCSW

I passed my LCSW examination earlier this week on my first attempt and I am thrilled! I have put it off for so long because just the thought of preparing was so daunting. I purchased the TDC program because I liked the way it was laid out. The organization made sense, it seemed manageable and I appreciated the various ways that the information was taught so that I had a chance to actually absorb the material. While I really liked the lectures, the various tests were the most helpful part of the program. Specifically, the two full length mocks that helped me to realize that a four hour test really isn't all that bad. On the final full mocks I got an 85 and an 87. On the actual exam I needed 102 correct answers to pass and got 125 right, so my final exam score was only a few percentage points off from my TDC scores. If you are feeling hesitant to purchase this program, don't! The price is completely worth it, not only in regards to passing the test, but also just in learning so much information pertinent to our profession -I'm looking at you Code of Ethics! I definitely feel like I was over-prepared. I am so happy that I chose this route.

Carolyn McCoy, LCSW

I graduated from Bryn Mawr College in 2004. I had not seen a lot of this material in 15 years. In PA license is not required, and in VA where I lived there is a license prior to the clinical. When I moved to California in 2011, the BBS was not administering the National Exam, so I spent a lot of time study an entirely different process. Once the ASWB was incorporated, I shifted my studies and purchases AATBS and was given 5 large books to surf through with mock test that only show you how your doing, but not how to engage the material, or answer questions. My husband said you need a study plan, a strategy, so you can relearn the material, and OH My God, I found Therapist Development. I repeated the material twice in its entirety and then one more time S1 thru S5. I felt very prepared. I was confident. The what to do First really did the job, going over the 50 topics Quick studies are amazing, and all the material is just phenomenal. The use of the coach Heidi was awesome even answering questions during the Holiday. Thank you Heidi. Amanda I could go on and on, just know that I took you in the exam a few different times.. and your two year old to get through some of the "normal development". I was not allowed to eat although i called and asked in advance. At question 90, I got up and drank water. I was truly feeling the difference. At question 120, I felt like given up. I actually said just quit, your not doing well. I felt like a panic attack, and I remember Amanda said people think they are having a panic attack, but it is sugar level being low. The next thing I heard was Amanda saying stay with it~push through and get through this EXAM!! and My God I did it~~ thank you and your staff. A glass of Red Wine & Chocolate well deserved!

Sandra Hong-Li, LCSW

I really could not have passed the ACSW test without TDC. The course is so organized and structured, making it so much easier to keep on track and study in a very intentional format. An applicant can really get overwhelmed by all the material there is to learn but TDC really prepares you for what your really need to know to be a competent clinical social worker. Amanda really understands the human learning process and prepares you to study in the most efficient way AND maintain your regular life. I had to balance studying with a lot of other responsibilities, and honestly, if I had concentrated only on studying all the time, I probably would not have passed. Heidi was very patient in answering all my questions and reassuring me that non of my questions were dumb questions. I am amazed that I passed on my first try!! Thank you, TDC!!

Jennifer Talbot, LMSW

After receiving my Masters degree from an esteemed college, with a 3.9 grade point average AND paying $300+ to take the recommended licensing study course; I was shocked and angry when I did not pass my licensing exam the first time I took it. The study course combined material for both the Masters level and Clinical, making it overwhelming and difficult to discern what material was most important for me to study. I felt very unprepared as I sat for my test the first time and even had to double check that I had signed up for the correct test. I found this program by googling " I failed my licensing exam" . The first story I read mirrored my experience. I was skeptical and nervous to purchase another study program, but after reading the testimonies and reviewing the website, I was hopeful. This program is amazing and I plan to use it again as a study guide for my Clinical. After completing the program I had so much more confidence, a better grasp on the material AND direction on how to actually take the exam. I have never written a review or testimony for any product, however I had to voice my appreciate and gratitude for this one, as this program is the reason I passed my exam the second time, by 20 questions! Thank you sooo much!!

Laura E. Ormand , LCSW

I passed the LCSW exam on my first attempt! It feels surreal but I am so happy to have accomplished this goal. I actually used another study program for the first 2 months after getting my hours approved for the exam. However, I just couldn't get focused and I was struggling majorly with my anxiety and ADHD. I had used TDC for my Law & Ethics exam (which I passed on the second attempt - missed it by 2 points the first time), so I thought why not, let's go back to what worked for me before. I tried to study daily while balancing work and family life. I had a great support system which also made a huge difference in the way I studied. I followed all the steps, took all the mock exams and reviewed the night before. I prepared by going to the test site 2 days before to find out what I could bring, wear and how far the restroom was from the test room. The entire time I was taking the exam, I would stop and take deep breaths to refocus. I used one bathroom break at question 85; corrected only the marked questions I had that "aha" moment on and used essential oils on my clothes to keep me relaxed. I only needed 102 correct answers and I got 123 right with an hour and half of time to spare!! I honestly did not know if I was going to pass because my anxiety has been my downfall on many occasions; however, it the test prep tips and having Amanda's voice in my head were instrumental in my passing!  Thank you so much! Passing this exam was great timing as I am in the midst of getting hired for a job that requires that you have your LCSW within a year of hiring! Again, thank you so much!