Social Work Exam Prep Reviews

Carly Kandel, LMSW

Can't speak highly enough of this program!! I took the LMSW exam twice and FAILED before deciding to purchase the study course from TDC. Although I was very skeptical at first, thinking how is an online program going to get me prepared, but I am SO THANKFUL I decided to use this program. I passed my exam with four questions to spare and feel like I have to credit my success to TDC. Being someone who suffers from extreme test anxiety, I knew that my third chance was really my last shot before my employer had to step in so the pressure was on. I felt so confident in my answer choices and the way I learned to navigate the reason based questions I feel like was the most helpful! Would HIGHLY recommend this program to anyone on the fence or just needing assistance in studying. Will use the clinical prep course when preparing for my LCSW! THANK YOU TDC!!

Carolyn Shaw,

Thank you very much. I was hesitant to take this test, and waited until the last date before my ASW expired to take the test. I needed a program that could put me on a schedule and fully prepare me to pass the test. I had only 3 weeks to prepare. I took your 7 week course in 3 weeks, and I did not skip. I had tried another program prior to be referred to your program by USC. The other program was by NASW and it was just practice tests with no actual prep. Your program was everything that I needed. I passed your exam on the first try. By the way, it's been 20 years since I had to take a course to renew my ASW license, and I can honestly say that your program was amazing. Every time I took a practice test, I thought that I wasn't doing well. But I went back over every question and kept reviewing over and over again. I would definitely recommend your course to anyone who is looking to pass this very difficult exam. I heard your voice speaking to me in the exam. I did take you with me into the exam. I did use all of your techniques that you recommended, and every bit of what you said or taught for this test helped me. Passing this test meant everything to me !!!!!!!

Matt Stauffer, LCSW

THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! What a perfectly put together program. The material was presented in a way that was clear and informative. I loved the online audio sessions. I felt myself getting more prepared and confident every day. I used the mock tests and the full length exams at great length. I went over and over the question many times looking at my mistakes. When I took the real exam this past weekend I felt the questions were slightly easier than the practice ones. I also utilized the email a coach on two separate occasions nd the instructor got back o me very quickly with a direct explanation for what I was asking. I wish I knew about this program the first time I took it. On my 1st exam I got 88/102 needed and did not pass. The 2nd time I got 115/102 needed and passed. If you are on the fence, just invest in the program and yourself!!!!!

Jill Howlett, LCSW

I was very discouraged registering for the LCSW exam... again. I had taken it 3 times before and I wanted to give it one last shot before I completely gave up. I searched out study guides, and found out about TDC. Some people recommended reading a book, but I know myself, and reading dos not help me absorb the material. I need to have someone tell me as I read. This course was excellent for that. This is a hard test. While you need to know all the recall info, you do need to know that info to apply it to clinical situations, not to regurgitate it. That was the hold up for me from before. I tried to memorize so much stuff, and it didn't really help. I really liked the way the study courses were lined out. I loved the planning guide.I started TDC with about 8 weeks before my exam. I studied 4-5 nights a week and when I took my practice exams, I didn't use any materials. I loved that your score came right up and I didn't have to guess how many points I had or needed. The tips about not getting hung up (because it may be one of the 20 that don't count) and about not second guessing were great. When I did my last mock, I thought about it that way. I didn't go back on more than about 3 questions and I didn't change any answer. In summary, it is a great program. It made sense. The study guides were so helpful and made me realize what I knew and what I didn't. I would recommend it to anyone, however DO IT BEFORE THE FIRST TIME! Don't wait to fail 3 times like I did! Get it first. It is worth every penny! And, don't bother with asking the testing center about juice, fruit or food. The answer is unequivocally no. And that's something to take up with ASWB. Thank you for everything. And to Heidi, thank you for always answering so promptly.

Amy Howe, LCSW

I graduated from my MSW program 21 years ago and have spent much of my time in management in hospice. I finally returned to direct Care a few years and pursued licensing. Needless to say it had been years since I have taken any significant tests. TDC helped me get through the CA Law And Ethics Exam last year passing the first time and I knew this program would be my best option for the ASWB. I followed the program and trusted the process. I did not need to reach out to the coaches, but appreciated the ability to “channel” Amanda during the Exam and felt really confident this morning before the test this morning. The questions were comfortably familiar on the test and I was able to finish in under 3 hours. So relieved to be through this and thankful for the folks at TDC. I did join the Facebook page but committed to not viewing/reading it the week prior to testing as hearing from those who had tested multiple times and failed made my confidence drop. Keep up the good work TDC!