Frequently asked questions

There are! And not only do we provide you with a discount to our social work or MFT exam prep programs, we will also match your discount and donate that money to organizations in support of social justice. To find your discount code and view our list of different causes to donate to, CLICK HERE. We also recommend reaching out to your friends and colleagues who have used TDC and passed their social work exam, as we often provide additional coupons codes to these people to share with those they know.

We cannot guarantee that you will pass, but we can promise you this: we are with you until you pass. If you fail and need to repeat the program, you can do so without being charged. You can debrief with a coach at any point to make a plan that will help you succeed.

We organize the material. People waste a lot of time and energy trying to figure out what to study. That’s why we created our program. You are given a series of tasks that you have to complete. In the first workshop, we review all the tasks and give you a sample study guide. We recommend that you make a study calendar, so you will know exactly what task you need to complete each time you sit down to study.

Yes! If you are with a mental healthcare organization or agency that employs social workers and/or therapists preparing for their licensing exam(s) or requiring continuing education, and you want to provide our programs or courses for them, we’d love to work with you. And you don’t need to have a group of people ready to begin their studies immediately to take advantage of these rates. Oftentimes, agencies will pre-purchase a group of licenses to receive a discount and then provide those licenses over time to their employees when they are ready to study. To receive a quote or learn more about TDC’s group rate offerings, email Lynda at

If you haven’t purchased a study system, you should submit a Connect with Coach form. If you have already purchased a study system, then submit a request via the Ask a Question form in your study center.

We have actually taken the exams. Recently. We know firsthand the types and styles of questions that are showing up on the test. If you research other prep companies, you will find that most of them do not have people on their staff who have recently (within the last 5 years) taken these exams. We’ve been where you’re sitting and we know what you are about to go through. We are committed to making the prep process easy and successful.

Our study systems vary in length depending on the exam. In general, the study systems are designed to have you ready to pass in under two months. We believe that other companies promote unnecessary memorizing and over-studying, which leads to poor performance on exam day. Our programs are designed to maximize learning, making them very efficient. Each program includes a study plan that you can modify based on your schedule and availability. People have completed our program in a week and passed their exams!

The prices for our individual exam prep programs range from $275 to $375. This gives you access to our online program(s) and coaches until you pass your exam! So, if you have pushed back your exam date and need an extension, or you’ve recently failed your exam and need your program reset, we provide that to you for no additional charge. Just submit your request through the Request an Extension form, or email our help desk at, and they’ll be able to extend your access. 

This is a question we are asked quite often. The best indicator of readiness is a passing score on your final mock exams. There is a high correlation between customers passing our mock exams and passing the real exam. If you have any concerns regarding your mock scores and exam readiness, you can reach out to your coach for additional guidance.

We get this question A LOT!  Many people come to us feeling defeated because they studied hard and failed and they feel duped because the program they used promised success.  While we cannot guarantee that you will pass (and no company should), we can assure you that our program is significantly different than other programs out there. Most notably, our study system was designed based on the neuroscience of learning. Most trainings give you a single style of instruction, for example a book or and app with flashcards or a day-long lecture. In contrast, we utilize dynamic styles of teaching that are proven to be more effective in helping you learn and retain the information and strategies necessary to pass your exam. 

Absolutely. There is a visual element to all of our study materials. Every audio workshop has a handout that goes along with it. You will be listening and taking notes. Unlike live in-person workshops, you can actually pause and rewind or listen multiple times.

Absolutely. This is one of the main services that sets us apart from other companies—free coaching! While you are using our program, you can submit a question at any point and one of our coaches will respond. We believe our programs provide you with everything you need to PASS WITH CONFIDENCE. However, if you feel you need additional help, you can discuss additional support with your coach.

Yes and no. Each program has an expiration date to encourage you to study for a limited amount of time and to keep people from sharing their accounts with others. But we do not charge for extensions. If you need your program longer, just let us know. We are with you until you PASS!

Nope! TDC’s exam prep programs are designed to give you exactly what you need to pass the licensing exams. We provide all the information in an easy-to-follow and organized manner. By following each step of the program(s) in its entirety, you will have all the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to PASS WITH CONFIDENCE.

No problem. Just submit a contact form and let us know. We will extend your program at no charge. We are with you until you PASS!

In 2022, our pass rate for the social work exams was 95%, and our pass rate for the MFT exams was 96%.

Most other programs focus on memorizing content, and inundate you with information that can oftentimes be overwhelming, confusing and unorganized. Therapist Development Center’s Social Work and MFT exam prep programs shift the focus away from memorization and toward a reasoning-based approach to the exam. We teach you how to read and analyze each question to understand what it is asking, and how to determine the right answer. This not only helps tremendously with content retention and confidence, but will likely improve your clinical skills as well. We place a heavier focus on test-taking strategies that are proven to work. Last year we had a 95% pass rate!

Therapist Development Center accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discovery credit cards, as well as PayPal. To select your form of payment, just enter the applicable information at check out from our website when you are ready to purchase. For larger group purchases, we also accept payment by check, if necessary. To learn more about group rates and options, email