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The Therapist Development Center has successfully prepared more than 100,000 therapists to PASS their exams through our Social Work Test Prep and MFT Test Prep. Our ASWB Exam Prep and MFT Exam Prep continue to be the top reviewed LCSW Exam Prep, LMSW Exam Prep, and MFT Exam Prep in the country.

The Therapist Development Center is committed to providing the highest quality MFT and Social Work Exam Prep, and we are the only program that stays with you until you pass -- with no extra charges at any time if needed to extend or retake the program. If you are committed to getting ready to PASS your LCSW Exam, LMSW Exam or MFT Exam with confidence, you’ve come to the right place!

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We have helped 100,000+ therapists worldwide. Read why they love us

“Just passed my clinical exam today - First attempt! Glad that's over with. For anyone unsure of where to turn to regarding exam prep, TDC is the place to go. I surveyed other programs before I began studying, and the..."

Jose A. Lopez

LCSW Exam Prep: ASWB Clinical Level Exam

“I am horrible test taker and English is my second language, german native here. I was worried and doubted my ability to pass on the first try, I did TDCs program three times and passed with flying colors. I prepared..."

Nicole Wolf-Sumner

LMSW Exam Prep: ASWB Masters Level Exam

“TDC's practice tests simulate the real tests better than competitors. Their method of teaching helps you really know how to approach reasoning questions. They offer more for auditory learners as well as being..."

Lori Lee

California LCSW Law & Ethics Exam

“I took the AMFTRB Exam as I'm in Oregon. As soon as I sat down at the test center to begin, I felt pretty confident because I "knew what to do", and followed the plan. I took breaks, ate fruit and drank juice and had..."

Shannon Hodgen

AMFTRB National MFT Exam Prep

“I just took the test and passed on my first attempt!!!! I want to say thank you for this great program. The program was perfect for me, and I would like to share that some of your passing testimonies and reviews helped me..."

Marguerite M. Ferrell

California MFT Clinical Exam

“Loved this course, I studied for this using textbooks and similar test questions but the TDC study material helped me grasp just exactly why I was studying this material, its importance, and made me..."

Ariel Mendoza

California MFT Law & Ethics Exam

A Message From The Founder

Amanda Rowan, LCSW

If you are reading this, it probably means you are planning to take your Social Work Exam or MFT licensing exam soon. Maybe you’ve taken the exam once and failed, or maybe this will be your first attempt. Either way, here at the Therapist Development Center we understand that you only want to invest time and money into a program that is going to help you learn what you need to pass.

I know what you are going through because I also struggled to find the right Social Work Exam Prep program. I bought books and apps. I attended LCSW Exam workshops. I felt completely overwhelmed with content and disorganized with my studying. When I took the Social Work Exam, I passed, but I was shocked to see that most of what I studied was not on the LCSW Exam! I felt I had wasted time and money on programs that didn’t help me at all. I also realized that many of the Social Work Prep programs were created by people who never took the actual Social Work Exams! So they had no idea what the real exam was like. I also knew from my undergraduate major in the neuroscience of learning that there was a smarter way to study. I decided to create my own study systems.That is how the Therapist Development Center was born.

Selecting a Social Work Exam Prep Program or MFT Exam Prep program is about one thing: TRUST. When you purchase a program or sign up for a workshop, you are trusting someone to guide you through the process of passing the licensing exam. Different companies and workshops claim to have the “best” way to prepare, but few can articulate the philosophy that guides their approach. We can.

Our philosophy is simple: You will pass with confidence when you study smart.

Our Social Work Exam and MFT Exam Study Systems work because they:

  1. Organize your studying into an easy to follow plan that saves you time and keeps you focused.
  2. Review only the essential content most likely to be tested.
  3. Teach the clinical reasoning skills that the exams test.
  4. Provide test taking strategies proven to manage anxiety and stay focused during the exam.
  5. Provide free access to an outstanding team of social work and MFT exam prep coaches to answer questions and provide support throughout the process.

People frequently want to know whether we provide a “pass guarantee.” Unfortunately, no company can (or should) guarantee that you will pass. We do, however, provide a PROMISE: we are with you until you pass. You pay only once.  When you register at The Therapist Development Center, our team of Social Work Exam and MFT Exam coaches, as well as support staff, will be 100% committed to helping you pass your exam with confidence.