Social Work Exam Prep Reviews

Charles Everett, LCSW

Choose this website to study for your social work exam. I just passed my exam 2 days ago and the reasoning skills this site teaches are what you will be tested on. I had very few memory only questions. Nearly every question on my test required using reasoning skills to discriminate among various social work situations. TDC gives you quizzes and then goes over the reasoning why one answer is the best. When I was taking the test I could here the voice of Amanda and the others saying "a is something you would do but not necessarily first, C is a strong answer as a and b could be rolled into it" and so on. I used a Brand X site that only asked questions and told you if they were right or wrong. I know for a fact some of there answers were incorrect. Again, the way to pass the social work test is to bone up on your reasoning skills, that's what The Therapist Development Center teaches.

Zairys Feliz, LCSW

I looked at other testimonials on the TDC review's page. Many times I questioned whether the people who wrote the reviews were real? I had tried other programs who had amazing reviews too and made many promises. When I started this program I immediately emailed them asking them a million questions about their program to make sure that they were the real deal, and that it wasn't a gimmick. As soon as I started the program I realized that this program was unlike any other. Other programs teach based on acronyms. TDC helps you learn according to facts and rationals. They literally broke down every single question, every single answer, and taught you how to understand the questions according to what they are asking you. Another thing that is different, that you wont find in any other program is the breakdown of the Code of Ethics. Other programs do not go over it, or they give you just a couple of lines that you need to know. As I learned deeper about the code of ethics, I realized what a huge impact it had on how I answered my questions. This program is ABSOLUTELY amazing and worth the money. If you failed the exam a couple of times like me, or whether this is your first time, this is definitely the program you want! I failed 3 time before I decided to give TDC a try. Each time I failed, I failed by a point. Which told me that I knew the concepts, but I was doing something wrong. I should've taken this program from the very beginning. I feel that if I would've chosen TDC from the beginning it would have saved me so much time and money! I highly recommend this program to anyone taking the LMSW, or LCSW! I got my LCSW, and now I can move on to a new chapter in my life! I am so happy and thankful!!!

Chantal Leven, LCSW

I would have never passed this test if it was not for the TDC program. I was dumbfounded to realize that despite having gone to one of the best social schools in the country, I was completely ill-prepared to take the ASWB LCSW exam. When I first looked at what was available, I appreciated how the program was divided in "segments/topics" which made it much easier to learn and digest. Being a kinesthetic learner, I appreciated being able to walk in nature and listen to the recorded lectures over and over again, which is truly the best way for me to learn. I also recorded myself the quick studies so I could listen to that as well. I deeply appreciated the quizzes, short and long mock exams, especially the long ones. I usually cannot sit for that amount of time and practicing these long exams gave me a point of reference when the real exam time came. A week prior to the exam, I got really scared that I was not going to pass the test and Heidi, as a great coach would do, stayed calm and told me what to do. I can truly testify of the quality of this program for two reasons. I was the director of training and development for a corporation for six years and also had a business coaching. I know both worlds and I truly can say that this program teaches to the test. Taking the test was the most challenging thing I had to do and after finishing and reading the word "pass" I was in disbelief. I emailed Heidi to let her know that I had passed and she told me that she had been thinking about me all day and that truly touched my heart. I don't know of anything else I could have done to pass this test and I am truly grateful to TDC for this program. I cannot recommend it enough if you want to pass the test.

Akilah Nelson, LMSW

I probably should wait a day or two before sharing my testimony to process my current emotions but here goes. I felt defeated after failing the exam not once but twice and the second time worse than the first time. I blamed myself for waiting 2 years after my degree to sit for the exam. Fast forward from 2016, I was desperate and setting goals for 2020. I told myself I'm a smart girl I won't allow this exam to conquer me, my self-esteem and my mental health. One afternoon I sought out to see if any others were failing more than once and came across TDC. I read every single review. Thank God I did! I purchased the course on January 18th. I passed today, February 15th. As you can see I studied less than a month. I don't wish the disappointment and sadness of failing on anyone. You can trust this program! I took 2 prep courses prior to making an investment in TDC. It will be worth your while. If you are someone who has test anxiety, Amanda will have you confident to take the exam. Amanda, it is true! I heard your voice in my head while selecting the best answer. I am babbling. I am overwhelmed with emotion just 3 hours post passing the exam. I can't thank you enough! I wish I had found this years ago! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Everything was organized and structured so I could jump in to studying exactly what I needed to.

Candace Gaeta, LCSW

I first started using Therapist Development Center when I initially did the Masters Level Exam. I had previously failed that exam 2 times and after the second time failing, I was extremely frustrated and felt defeated. I looked around everywhere for something that would give me the tools to pass. And thats when I found the Therapist Development Center online. I was nervous since it was a bit expensive and I had no idea what the program would offer. I completed the program, felt more confident than ever- and I passed that exam by 20 points! Fast forward a couple years, I then needed to take the Clinical Level Exam. I bought the study guide from Therapist Development Center immediately, without hesitation. I bought the study guide middle of December and just passed my test on February 13th! I would NOT have passed this exam without this study guide. If you are looking for a way to pass this exam, look no further. It is worth EVERY SINGLE penny! Thank you Therapist Development Center - I DID IT!