Exam Prep Blog: December 2023

2024 Changes for the LMFT & LCSW Law and Ethics Exam

Submitted by Maria Denardo on Mon, 12/18/2023 - 03:49am
Exam changes are underway. Every five years the BBS conducts an occupational analysis for each profession to ensure that exam content is up-to-date and accurately reflects clinical competency. As a result, the California LMFT and LCSW law and ethics exams will be updated beginning January 1, 2024. Our team compared current and former exam outlines, and upon completing our review, we believe these updates will not have a significant impact on your exam questions. What are the 2024 law and ethics exam changes? The most notable exam changes centered around content breakdown and elder and
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DSM-5-TR Considerations of the impact of racism and discrimination on mental disorders

Submitted by Heidi Tobe on Wed, 12/13/2023 - 08:45am
Today is the last of our blogs on the DSM-5-TR changes (and the one I’m most eager to share about). Starting in January 2024, the ASWB exams will transition from testing the DSM-5 to the DSM-5-TR. As we’ve discussed over the past several months of blogs covering these changes, the updates are relatively minor overall. The final installment of our blog series on the DSM-5-TR isn’t a new or updated diagnosis. Rather, it is about the APA consulting with culture and equity professionals. Acknowledgement of Race and Discrimination in Mental Health For the first time, the DSM now acknowledges the
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DSM-5-TR Stimulant-Induced Mild Neurocognitive Disorder

Submitted by Heidi Tobe on Mon, 12/04/2023 - 08:41am
Beginning next month (can you believe it’s almost 2024?!) the ASWB will begin testing the DSM-5-TR. The past several months, we’ve been covering these updates. And, of course, all of our programs are up to date with the DSM-5-TR materials. Today’s blog covers Stimulant-Induced Mild Neurocognitive Disorder. And later this month, our final DSM-5-TR blog will look at the newly added considerations of the impact of racism and discrimination on mental disorders. Stimulant-Induced Mild Neurocognitive Disorder Stimulant-Induced Mild Neurocognitive Disorder was added to the types of substance-induced
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