The Califonia BBS needs more staff to process MFT and LCSW Exam Applications

By Amanda Rowan on December 12, 2013

This is a shout out to MFT interns and MSWs who are frustrated with the processing time it takes to have you application reviewed by the BBS.

We were recently contacted by John Irias, an MFT intern who is spearheading an effort to lobby the Governor of California to get more funding for the BBS.

Here's what John wrote:

Hello fellow interns and MSWs.  I am a CA Marriage and Family Therapist Intern, and, based on the current processing time with the Board of Behavioral Sciences, my exam eligibility paperwork will not be processed for 8 to 10 months after I submit it.  This long delay will cause the loss of a great deal of potential income for me and for my family. The annual pay difference between an MFT Intern and a LMFT is usually about $6000 to $10000.  I’m very sad and very disappointed in the CA state funding situation; in consulting with the BBS, they’ve said that they are unable to hire any additional support due to lack of funds.

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of other CA MFT Interns and MSWs in this position.  The delays are getting worse by the week; we desperately need your help.  I went into this field to serve the under-served, but I can’t do what I’m passionate about because of these delays.

I talked recently to CAMFT and the BBS, and both said that there is a vote in early January 2014 that will determine if the BBS gets more funding (and therefore, more staff).  CAMFT advised me to try to rally as many people as possible to email and write to the governor.

We only have a few weeks to flood the Governor's office to try to make a difference.  If you're willing to send an email blast to your users, it could make the difference we need.

Please let Governor Brown know that your financial livilhood is being affected by these long delays and that 2-3 additional staff would enable many of us to be able to better provide for those in need.
The link to email the governor is:

Thank you,
John Irias

So for all of you out there who are affected (and even those of you who are licensed but remember the long wait) please take 15 minutes to 1) write the governor and 2) share this blog with your fellow interns and MSWs so we can get some attention to this matter.

Happy Holidays and may 2014 bring additional resources to the BBS and peace and joy to all!



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August 13, 2014

Is it too late to send the email to the governor?

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January 23, 2014

Hi Suzanne,

Any updates on this important effort? Also, how can we get in contact with John Irias?

Thank you for posting this.

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December 21, 2013


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December 16, 2013

Please hire more BBS staff to process licensing requirements.

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