Do you work for the VA or know someone who does? If so, check this out!

By Bethany Vanderbilt on October 12, 2017

Did you know? The Department of Veterans Affairs employs more than 12,000 social workers, marriage faVA Photo-2.jpgmily therapists and professional clinical counselors. The services these professionals provide are integral to helping veterans and their families. As part of Therapist Development Center’s (TDC) ongoing efforts to support our country’s veterans, and those who assist them, we are happy to announceTDC is now an approved vendor with the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

What does this mean for you? If you work for the Department of Veterans Affairs and are preparing to take your licensing exam or pursuing continuing education, it is possible to have the VA purchase your exam preparation materials and/or continuing education courses!

If you are interested in pursuing this option, talk with your supervisor and/or department representative. You may be able to work with them to complete a purchase order form with your information, including the fund number that will be utilized and TDC’s information, which can be provided upon request.

If you don't work for the VA but know someone who does, please pass this information along. We want to help! If you or your supervisor have any questions about this, please contact Bethany Vanderbilt, LCSW at

TDC looks forward to helping you PASS your exams and pursue your professional goals with confidence!



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October 13, 2017

I work at the VA. I am a LMSW. I will be preparing to study and test for my LCSW early January.

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October 16, 2017

Hi Mary Rose, That is wonderful!! We will look forward to helping you PASS with confidence!

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October 12, 2017

I currently work for the VA and a veteran. I have already purchased this product and love it. Would I qualify for a refund? If not, that’s okay. Just wondering. Thank you

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