Secrets to Passing the LCSW & MFT Exam

By Amanda Rowan on July 29, 2013

LCSW and MFT Exam

So what's the biggest secret to passing the LCSW or MFT exam?  Managing your anxiety.

How do you manage your anxiety? Have clear strategies.

All the people I've spoken with who have failed the LCSW or MFT exam report similar things: "I was really anxious, I couldn't focus.  I spent the first 30 minutes of the test freaking out.  All the answers looked the same. It was so vague. The real test was nothing like the LCSW or MFT mock exams I had practiced on."

When I ask these people what strategies they used, there is silence on the phone.  Strategies? Yes, strategies, game plan, tools.

More than half of the battle on exam day is having clear test taking strategies and tools to manage your anxiety.  That's what our LCSW & MFT exam workshops focus on.  That way, when you are sitting there on test day, staring at the computer screen with the clock ticking down, you'll be have mental tools and confidence to break down what they are asking.

One person who recently passed on his 2nd attempt left me a voice message that sums this up: "I was actually excited on test day to get a hard question because I knew this time that I had different things I could use to figure it out.  It's crazy to say, but I actually had fun taking the test using TDC strategies.  And I had 25 minutes left -- unlike the first time when I ran out of time. Thank you!"

Think our straightforward, sensible approach could help you PASS your social work or MFT exam? If you're preparing for a social work exam, check out our Social Work Study Materials. If you're preparing for an MFT exam, check out our MFT Study Materials. Learn more about our offerings at The Therapist Development Center.

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October 31, 2019

I love how you talked about making sure that you use clear test-taking strategies and tools to help. My husband is looking to get his social work license and asked me to find tips on how to successfully do so. We will keep these tips in mind as we search for a professional to get his license from.

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