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By Emily Pellegrino on December 11, 2013

LMSW Exam Prep

Alright folks, each week on this LMSW Exam Prep blog we'll go through various terms that may show up on the test. While it can be hard to remember all these terms, we're hoping to show that a little bit of studying can go a long way! Here’s a sample question to start us off this week:

Sample Question:

Which of the following statements BEST describes the assessment process that occurs during the beginning stages of treatment?

A.The process of determining what services are best for a client

B. The process of understanding a problem, what causes it, and how the client can decrease or resolve it

C. The process of exploring the nature of a problem and how the client currently manages it

D. The process of establishing rapport with a client

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When doing your LMSW exam prep it's good to remember that the assessment process is really important because it is often the first point of contact that a client and social worker have together.  During the assessment, the social worker is able to gain a better understanding of the client's presenting problem and what the client is hoping to obtain from treatment. The Social Work Dictionary defines assessment as, “The process of determining the nature, cause, progression, and prognosis of a problem and the personalities and situations involved therein” (Barker, 2003).


With this definition in mind, the best answer to the above question is B since it is the most comprehensive answer between all the choices.  While A, C, and D, all occur during the assessment process, the question is looking for the best definition and therefore one that is all-encompassing.

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