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By Amanda Rowan on January 31, 2014

The exam prep process is not only stressful, it's also expensive -- especially for people who struggle to pass.

I recently spoke to two different women who have both failed by a few point multiple times using other companies' materials. Both reported confusion about what they could have done differently and wondered if they should repeat the program.

They shared that it only would cost $100 to repeat the program. There are a couple things wrong here. First, why would a person want to repeat the same system that just failed them? Second, and more disturbing to me, how could a company have the gumption to charge people again who already spent a ton of money on their program and failed?

Let's look at the first question -- I've noticed a trend here.

 LCSW and MFT Exam prep

When people pass the exam they generally attribute their success to the company they used despite reporting that only 10% of what they studied was on the actual test.  They used it and passed, so it must have worked, right?  On the other hand, when people fail, they attribute the failure to themselves, not the company (this is a common cognitive distortion with depression: attribute success to the environment and failure to themselves).  It's often a novel idea to people when I tell them: it wasn't you that failed -- it was your study guide.

Now let's take a look at the policy of companies to charge people to repeat their programs.  Here's a newsflash -- it is in that company's best interest if you fail because you will spend an additional $100 on their program. Somehow people think this policy is okay because sadly, many people I've talked to have done it.

Our goal at TDC is to create the best LCSW and MFT Test Prep for your money.  We're already confident that our approach and our materials are the best, but we want to go a step further and make these commitments to you: 1) We promise you will use strategies you learn in our course to pass; and 2) We won't charge you anything more than the initial amount you pay, whether you need an extension or you fail and need to repeat.  That's right, we are with you until you pass because that's how it should be!  

Think our straightforward, sensible approach could help you PASS your social work exam or MFT exam? If you're preparing for the social work exam click here- Social Work Exam Prep; if you're preparing for the MFT exam, click here MFT Exam Prep. Learn more about our exam prep at the The Therapist Development Center home page.

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February 21, 2014

Do you offer test prep for the National MFT exam or just the California one? Are they very similar?
Thank you!!

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