Free MFT Practice Question: Sexual Disorders

By Robin Gluck on November 26, 2019

sexual disorders

Last month, our FREE practice question tested your knowledge of disorders related to health. This month, we focus on a subject that can be biological or psychological in nature; sexual disorders. If you are planning to take the California MFT Clinical exam or the AMFTRB National MFT exam, you are likely to see a question on the topic. As with any presenting problems that may have a biological component, it’s always important to remember our scope of practice as MFTs when answering questions on this subject. The exam question could test your knowledge of sexual disorders from a number of angles.


You may see questions that test your knowledge of:

  1. Scope of practice and scope of competence
  2. When to refer for medical evaluation
  3. When to refer for sex therapy
  4. Identifying appropriate modalities of treatment
  5. DSM diagnosis for sexual disorders


Let’s see how you do with a FREE practice question.


Free Practice Question:

 A 48-year-old woman attends therapy to address problems in her marriage. During the intake, the woman explains that her sexual drive has decreased and she finds it difficult to become aroused by her husband. She shares that her husband accuses her of being “cold and unloving,” and does not show compassion or understanding for what she is going through. What initial action should the therapist take when working with this client? 

A. Assist client in identifying goals of treatment

B. Refer client for couples therapy to address relationship issues

C. Refer client for a medical evaluation

D. Refer client and spouse for sex therapy

 (scroll down for answer and rationale)

























The correct answer is C.


In this question, the woman is describing changes that may be linked to menopause or other health-related issues, such as hyper/hypothyroidism. It would be important for the therapist to rule out any underlying health issues before determining appropriate next steps. Answer C, referral for a medical evaluation would be a necessary first step and would guide future treatment decisions.


Answers A, B, and D are all possible actions the therapist could take, but each would depend on the outcome of a medical evaluation. The goals of treatment would differ if the client’s presenting issues were related to health, or if biological issues were ruled out as a contributing factor to her low sex drive and diminished arousal. Similarly, a referral for couples therapy and/or sex therapy would also be influenced by the results of a medical evaluation. 




Exam Preparation

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November 25, 2019

Hello, I would like to know when is it good to refer the couple for sex therapist or at what stage of tx given that the person does not have a medical issues.

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