Free MFT Exam Practice Question: Working with Groups

By Asya Mourraille on September 24, 2018

Free MFT Exam Practice Question: Working with Groups

This week, our free MFT exam practice question is going to focus on the topic of working with groups. Some associates have had a good amount of experience leading and facilitating groups. Others have had almost none. Regardless of how much or how little you already know about this subject, the Therapist Development Center’s exam prep, will ensure you know everything you need to correctly answer questions on this topic.

How Might Group Treatment Show Up on the Exam?

Whether you are taking the Law and Ethics Exam, the California Clinical Exam or the National MFT Exam, you will might see some questions focused on group therapy. So how could this subject appear on your exam?

You could see questions that test you're your knowledge of:

  •   Issues of confidentiality in working with groups
  •   Stages of group formation
  •   Crisis issues
  •   Cultural competency in group treatment
  •   Common group treatment interventions

Let’s see how you do on this week’s FREE MFT practice question regarding working with groups.

Practice Question on Group Counseling:

A school counselor is running a group on social skill building for high-school students. After the fourth week of one of the participants comes up to the therapist after the group to share her feelings about the group. “I am not getting anything new from this group. All of the things you are teaching us I already know,” she states. How should the therapist respond to such disclosure?  

A. Bring this issue up at the next group meeting and ask the client to think of an activity that reflects her desired level of challenge

B. Refer the client to a more advanced group and process the reason for the referral at the next group

C. Ask the client to bring this issue up at the next group meeting and process the group members’ reaction

D. Discuss the matter with this client individually and bring it up at the next group session with the rest of the group


















The correct answer is C.

  • Answer A has the therapist bringing up the issue in the group, when the best course of action is to have the client address this issue from their personal view. This answer also places the burden of coming up with an activity onto the client, and it is therapist’s responsibility to come up with appropriate activities.
  • Answer B is jumping the gun. It is too soon to refer this person out. We would first attempt to remedy the situation in the group.
  • Answer C reflects the proper intervention for this situation, asking the client to bring the issue back to the group and allowing an opportunity for the concerns to be processed.
  • Answer D is not the best answer since the conversation regarding this issue should take place with all groups members together.

To learn all about the intricacies of working with groups that you will need to know for your MFT licensing exam, sign up for one of TDC’s MFT exam study guides to help you prepare for your exam today! Amanda Rowan has helped thousands of Marriage and Family Therapists pass their MFT exams-are you our next success story?


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