Career Outlook for Marriage and Family Therapists

By Amanda Rowan on July 26, 2016



Conflicts within a family are a regular occurrence, and can sometimes require outside help, such as a mediator who can give proper advice to help mend what may be on the verge of breaking. Some people find joy in defusing relationship problems and helping others see what they can do to change. If you feel that you are among these people, becoming a marriage and family therapist may be the right path for you.

Marriage and Family Therapy is among the most rewarding professional careers. Assisting others and making lives a little bit brighter every day, is a gift that some of the most kind and selfless people possess. If you feel you are among this gifted group, you may have the right mindset to become a marriage and family therapist.

What is involved in becoming a licensed marriage and family therapist?

Let’s start with the job description:

Simply put, a marriage and family therapist is responsible for educating family members so they can resolve their own conflicts within marriage and family. A therapist will use his or her knowledge of family theory and apply techniques and principles to help struggling couples and families find a proper resolution to help them sustain healthy relationships.

This type of professional should have an advanced degree and be comfortable being self-employed. Very few will work with social service organizations.

What type of projected growth to expect:

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that there were approximately 33,700 of this type of therapist who were employed in the U.S. in 2014. An increase of 15% was projected over the  years of 2014-2024. That is an increase of 5,000 jobs by the end of the year 2024.

What are the factors of growth:

Health insurance plays a big role in the career growth of a marriage and family therapist. Health insurance is now required to cover mental health counseling services, which means more people are taking advantage of this service.

How you can improve your prospects:

There is a very small number of marriage and family therapist in rural areas of the United States, so these areas offer the best prospects for employment. All professionals must hold a license in the state where they practice. Certification and licenses will boost your career prospects.

What to expect from your salary:

This goes back to the findings of the Bureau of Labor Statistics of 2014. They have reported that a marriage and family therapist earned an on average salary of $48,000 annually. However, annual wages for the low 10% was $30,510, and the high 10% was $78,920. Employers that paid the highest wages were both through the government and religious organizations.

If you feel like becoming a marriage and family therapist is your true calling, you now understand what it takes and a general idea of what your career path will look like. You can find all the information you need to become the light for those who are suffering with their marital and family relationships on our website. Bringing loved ones back together is something that comes with a whole lot of patience and heart. Do you have what it takes?







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