BBS Alert: 2022 Supervision Changes

By Robin Gluck on January 9, 2022

8 BBS supervision changes every licensed and pre-licensed clinician should be aware of: 



On January 1st, 2022, a significant number of changes impacting supervision in California took effect. Some of these changes are designed to streamline documentation for trainees and associates, while other changes are more substantive and add new requirements for supervisors and supervisees. The overall goal of these changes is to enrich the professional development of supervisees and ultimately enhance client care. 

1. Supervisor Self-Assessment Report

All supervisors are now required to complete and submit this report to the board. In this self-assessment, the licensee certifies they possess the qualifications to be a supervisor.

  • Licensees providing supervision prior to January 1, 2022 must submit a Self-Assessment Report to the board by January 1, 2023. 
  • Licensees starting supervision after January 1, 2022 must submit a Self-Assessment Report to the board within 60 days of beginning supervision.

2. Supervisor Responsibilities:

The board now specifies certain required activities as part of supervision. The supervisor must: 
  • Be competent in the areas of clinical practice and techniques being supervised. 
  • Self-monitor for any supervision dynamics that may affect supervision.
  • Inform the supervisee of any changes or conditions that affect their ability to practice. 
  • Complete an annual assessment of the supervisee’s strengths and limitations, as well as an assessment at the time of termination of the supervisory relationship. The supervisor should provide copies of the assessment to the supervisee. 
  • Develop written procedures for supervisees to contact the supervisor or, if unavailable, alternative on-call supervisors who can assist supervisees in handling crises and emergencies.

3. Number of Supervisees:

Supervisors in nonexempt settings are permitted to supervise a maximum of six (6) supervisees. The law for exempt settings remains the same; supervisors do not have limits on the number of associates or trainees they can supervise. (Exempt settings include governmental entities, schools, colleges, universities, or institutions that are both nonprofit and charitable.)

4. Substitute Supervisors:

If a supervisor is temporarily unable to meet with their supervisee, a substitute supervisor can fill in for them. A substitute supervisor must:

  • Meet all supervisor qualifications required by law
  • Sign the supervisee’s weekly log 
  • Sign the Supervision Agreement prior to commencing supervision
  • If the licensee is substitute supervising for more than 30 consecutive days, a new supervisory plan must be developed and the substitute supervisor must sign the Experience Verification form for any hours earned under them
  • Sign the Written Oversight Agreement (if required)

5. Supervisor Training and Coursework:

ALL supervisors must complete 6 hours of professional development for supervision during each renewal period. Licensees new to supervision on or after January 1, 2022 must complete 15 hours of supervision training or coursework. This course must be taken within 60 days of starting supervision. 

  • Supervisors must maintain documentation of training and/or coursework for seven years following the termination of supervision. 
  • The board has the authority to audit supervisors (and in recent years has increasingly exercised this authority).

6. Supervision Agreement:

The following change is ONLY for supervisory relationships that begin on or after January 1, 2022: Supervisors and supervisees must sign this form within 60 days of the start of supervision; it replaces the Supervisor Responsibility Statement and the Supervision Plan. This form includes a supervisory plan that should be collaboratively developed by the supervisor and supervisee. 

7. Written Oversight Agreement:

The following change is ONLY for supervisory relationships that begin on or after January 1, 2022 and is ONLY required when the supervisor is not employed by the supervisee’s employer. You can refer to the BBS sample agreement. This agreement requires the supervisee’s employer to acknowledge the role of the outside supervisor and agree not to interfere with supervision.

8. Weekly Log:

This is a new requirement for individuals on track for LCSW licensure (MFTs and PCCs already use weekly logs). The weekly log is only required for hours gained toward LCSW licensure on or after January 1, 2022. The log must be signed weekly by the supervisor and the supervisee should retain the original copies. (The BBS can request copies during the license application process).

These changes highlight the Board’s prioritization and understanding of the vital role supervisors play in the professional development and quality assurance of future therapists. We believe supervisees and clients alike will benefit from these new requirements. 

You can review all of the statutory and regulatory changes to supervision here



Commenter Name
January 13, 2022

I am a supervisor. Is this new change only for California? I live in utah.

Commenter Name
January 13, 2022

Hi Lesa, Yes, these changes are specific to California and their licensing board.

Commenter Name
January 29, 2022

The supervisor self assessment - are there additional guidelines of what should be included in the assessment?

Commenter Name
January 31, 2022

The BBS will post the guidelines for the self-assessment. Once it's available on their website, we will link it in this blog! Be sure to check back.

Commenter Name
April 30, 2022

Has the BBS posted the guidelines for the self-assessment and or the form itself

Commenter Name
May 2, 2022

Yes, the links are listed under the first section.

Commenter Name
June 10, 2022

When it says the 15 hours of training has to be within 60 days of starting supervision, do you mean that we have up to 60 days after we start supervising to complete this training? Or that we can't take the training until we are within 60 days of starting a supervisory role? I'd like to go ahead and get the training, but won't start supervising until several months from now. Thanks!

Commenter Name
June 15, 2022

Do you have to be licensed in CA for 5 years in order to supervise associates?

Commenter Name
July 8, 2022

I work at several locations. One of which is a non-profit homeless shelter and recovery center (operates by donations from the public). The other is a private counseling center. How many supervisees (trainees and associates) can I supervise at each site? Thank you.

Commenter Name
July 11, 2022

Hi Rosolyn, Thanks for trusting TDC with your ongoing professional development. Supervisors in private practice are permitted to supervise a maximum of six supervisees.If you are in a non-exempt setting (i.e. non-profit), then you can supervise any number of supervisees-there are no limits.
Hope that helps!

Commenter Name
July 13, 2022

If I took the 15 hour couorse a couple of years before January 1, 2022 and did not supervise until after Jan 1, 2022. Do I have to retake the course?

Commenter Name
July 17, 2022

Hi Kassie, The BBS requires you to complete 15 hours that include specific topics within 60 days of commencing supervision. I am not sure if the coursework you completed years ago would qualify and would encourage you to reach out to the BBs or your professional association for greater clarification. Here is a link to the BBS Supervisor Information document:

Commenter Name
July 18, 2022

I understand that after January 1, 2022 we need to fill out the other form, supervision agreement, but prior to that date we just need the supervisor responsibility statement if we are working towards LPCC? Thank you.

Commenter Name
July 19, 2022

I began a supervisor agreement with my supervisor during my last semester of grad school (Spring 2022), as an MFT trainee. Do I have complete another supervisor agreement now that I'm an Associate applicant/AMFT? I still have the same supervisor so I'm unclear if it's necessary to complete another supervisor agreement?

Commenter Name
July 22, 2022

Hi Alejandro, Yes, you would need to complete new forms as part of the transition from trainee to AMFT.

Commenter Name
July 22, 2022

Hi Ruby, That is correct, all of the changes were implemented on January 1st of this year. If you have any concerns, I always recommend reaching out to your professional association or the BBS to ensure full compliance with the rules and regulations.

Commenter Name
July 27, 2022

I just want to confirm that as a Clinical Psychologist I can supervise 6 Associate therapists who are becoming LMFTs working with the BBS regulations. It used to be only 3 and the other three had to be future psychologist working under the BOP regulations.

Commenter Name
August 1, 2022

Hi Kristyn,
I believe that to be correct per the BBS guidelines, but I would encourage you to check with your licensing board as well.

Commenter Name
August 10, 2022

Do you know whether the Written Oversight Agreement would be required if the supervisor is paid as a "contractor," meaning they are not technically an employee?

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