ASWB Practice Question: Independent Variable vs. Dependent Variable Answer and Rationale

By Heidi Tobe on April 10, 2018


We know research isn't a favorite exam topic amongst most clinicians preparing for their licensure exams, but you are bound to see at least a question or two on research on your ASWB exams. In yesterday's blog, we reviewed the difference between independent variables and dependent variables, including a FREE ASWB practice question to help you get prepared for your LMSW and LCSW exams. Now it's time to see if you answered it correctly!

ASWB Practice Question: Independent Variable vs. Dependent Variable

A social worker is studying the effects of how different doses of an SSRI affect levels of depression as measured by the Beck Depression Inventory. Which of the following is the dependent variable?

A. Type of SSRI

B. Dosage of the SSRI

C. Levels of Depression

D. Beck Depression Inventory


The correct answer is C.

  • The type of SSRI (A) is not discussed in the question stem.
  • The dosage of the SSRI (B) is the independent variable (remember, this is the variable being manipulated that will then impact the dependent variable).
  • Levels of depression (C) are dependent on the dosage of the SSRI, making this the dependent variable.
  • The Beck Depression Inventory (D) is the type of scale being used to measure levels of depression but is neither the independent variable nor the dependent variable.

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April 11, 2018

I got that one correct !!!!!

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