ASWB: Domestic Violence Updates

By Heidi Tobe on June 29, 2022

If you’ve taken any of the ASWB social work exams, you’ve probably seen a number of questions on domestic violence. Because of this, we've made some awesome domestic violence updates in our programs. (More on this below). These updates will show up in both our LMSW Exam Prep and our LCSW Exam Prep programs. These questions can be challenging because there are so many possible correct answers. And which answer is correct depends on a number of factors.

  • What is happening in the scenario?
  • Which answer options are available for this question?
  • What type of question is it? (FIRST, NEXT, BEST, MOST, MUST, SHOULD, etc.).

LCSW Exam Prep & LMSW Exam Prep: Domestic Violence Updates

As a coach, I receive multiple emails each week around these situations. While they are very nuanced, the good news is that there are very specific ways the test wants you to go about answering these. Which brings me to some exciting news! We have recently made significant updates to our domestic violence quick study. We’ve added in a thorough breakdown of the mindset and reasoning behind these questions. If you are a current customer, check out our updated domestic violence quick study. And if you haven’t signed up for one of our ASWB exam prep programs yet, be sure to check out our real customer testimonials. 

ASWB Domestic Violence Updates Practice Question

A social worker meets with a client at a domestic violence shelter who has spent the past week at the shelter with her two young children. During the session, the client shares that her spouse has probably cooled down by now and that she plans to return home that day. While safety planning, the client assures the social worker that the kids are not being impacted by this because they are never in the same room where the violence occurs. What should the social worker do? 

A. Accept the client’s decision.

B. Inform the client that a CPS report needs to be made.

C. Provide psychoeducation on the impact of domestic violence on children.

D. Encourage the client to stay another night at the shelter.

(scroll for answer and rationale). 

Domestic Violence Updates















Domestic Violence Answer and Rationale

The correct answer is C: to provide psychoeducation on the impact of domestic violence on children. Even when children are not physically impacted by domestic violence, they are still impacted. Sharing information on this is important, given that the client has indicated they are not impacted by the domestic violence because they aren’t in the same room. This suggests the client is missing information about the impact of domestic violence on children. A is incorrect because while we may ultimately do this, it isn’t the NEXT thing we would do. It ignores what the client has just said about the kids not being impacted. B is incorrect because on this national exam, we don’t report domestic violence unless the children are being physically harmed (or neglected). There is no reason to do D at this time.

ASWB LMSW Exam Prep and LCSW Exam Prep

In case you couldn’t tell above, I’m super excited for the updates we made to our domestic violence quick study. Just this week I pointed a customer to this update. They responded excitedly telling me this answered EVERY question they had on this topic. The great thing about TDC is that even if you still have questions, that’s okay!

Every TDC customer has a coach they can email anytime they have questions. (And I love receiving your questions!). I used TDC to pass both of my social work exams, and am excited to help YOU pass with confidence. If you haven’t signed up for one of our programs, I encourage you to connect with a coach today. And if you’re already signed up, be sure to reach out to your coach with any questions! You can reach out to them directly through the ‘ask a coach’ form in your study center.

Already Licensed?

If you're already licensed, be sure to check out our continually growing library of CE courses. So many of our customers who pass their exams tell us our exam prep made them better therapists. We didn't want this to end with exam prep, so have been working hard on expanding our CE offerings. Like our exam prep, they are informative, engaging, and practical.


Commenter Name
September 8, 2022

my answer is A, accept the client decision. It is always mentioned that we need to honor client's decision even though it's not good. And the client is already in a shelter, I would assume she's getting the psychoeducation of domestic violence. Would it be redundant?

Commenter Name
September 8, 2022

On the test you want to be sure not to ever assume something has happened unless the question stem explicitly states that it has occurred. So we can't assume psychoeducation has taken place. While we may do A at some point, we wouldn't do so until we respond to what she has just shared (that the kids are not being impacted by the DV because they are never in the same room). A ignores this statement while C directly responds to it.

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