What are Welfare Rights? LMSW Exam Prep

By Emily Pellegrino on December 6, 2012


Well this week we are looking at something that many of our clients may deal with or use which is welfare, and ultimately the rights to welfare.  While this may seem like an obvious term it can't hurt to take a closer look at it.  Let's get started with a sample question to help you prepare for the LMSW exam.

Sample Question:

Which of the following BEST defines welfare rights?
A. The advantages or benefits one derives from a physical or mental illness, such as attention, freedom from responsibility, and disability benefits.
B. An alliance of individuals and ideological groups to achieve a specific goal or address a single issue or social problem; the group is expected to disband once the goals are reached.
C. Privately funded and administered federated organizations, usually with chapters or recreational facilities in most communities with the purpose of helping young people achieve their developmental potentials.
D. The view that public assistance and other social services are entitlements available to any of a nation’s citizens.

Welfare may also be referred to as public aid/assistance, and is something that as social workers we should become aware of the in's and out's of this complicated system. This role in particular is important for social workers who fill the shoes of community social workers and case managers. Both of these roles, as Bethany has discussed in other blogs, may come up on the LMSW exam.  Welfare is generally provided by the government and it's agencies, private organizations or a combination of these.

The Social Work Dictionary defines welfare rights as, "The view that public assistance and other social services are entitlements available to any of a nation’s citizens" (Barker, 2003).

Answer: The best answer here would be D. This is the best answer because it describes the rights that are entitled to a wide variety of individuals who are in need.

Coming up next week: Xenophobia

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