TDC’s 6HR Suicide Training is Here!

By Amanda Rowan on March 28, 2022

6 Hour Suicide Training - Continuing Education

Imagine sitting on the Edge of Life with the person in the picture. What emotions do you experience? What physical sensations arise? What thoughts do you have?

Treating suicidality is scary for both the patient and the therapist.  To help clients move away from the edge, we must first be able to welcome, explore and understand the depths of their unique suffering. And we must learn how to sit wholeheartedly on the edge of life with them.

On the Edge of Life: Introduction to Treating Suicidality is the culmination of nearly a decade of research, exploration and my personal experiences battling my own suicidality at various points in my life. My hope is that the Edge of Life series, starting with this 6-hour course, will bring to the field a new perspective on suicide and treating suicide. One that is grounded in a humanistic approach, and is a heartfelt method to the treatment of suffering that leads a person to consider suicide.

Topics of the On the Edge of Life: Introduction to Treating Suicidality course include:

  • The Phenomenology of Suicide - how we experience and make sense of someone’s suffering

  • Courage to Live Continuum - a new framework to help conceptualize the level of risk for a client expressing suicidal ideation

  • The Edge of Life Model - a biopsychosocial and spiritual approach to treating suicide

For those of you who would like to learn more about The Edge of Life, please use the coupon code ELM12 before the end of the month to enjoy a $12 gift towards On the Edge of Life: Introduction to Treating Suicidality (once purchased, you have 2 years to complete the course).

*This course fulfills the new California requirement for 6 hours of suicide assessment and management training.


Amanda Rowan, LCSW


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