Taming the Beast: How to Pass the California LCSW & MFT Clinical Vingette Exam

By Amanda Rowan on December 28, 2011

ANXIETY.  That is what I hear in the voices of most of the people who contact me for coaching on the LCSW and MFT Clinical Vignette Exam. Fear and anxiety. Especially if they have taken the exam before and failed. The test is like a wild animal, it can smell fear the moment you walk in that PSI testing center and it will eat you alive.

A lion being pet.

Ok, let's hold on a minute, take a deep breath and remember that you PASSED the first exam.  Again, let that really sink in: YOU passed the first exam. That means you have the foundation of knowledge.  You don't have to go and relearn everything in a 4-day workshop.

The Clinical Vignette Exam is just a different application of your knowledge.  For this reason, TDC workshops focus on the strategies needed to apply your knowledge, not on more content. Our workshops for the Clinical Vignette Exam will give you clear guidelines about how to attack the test. Our content review is minimal, focusing more on the different ways you need to apply the material.

The best thing about our study system is that it MAKES SENSE.  We teach a logical approach to the exam.  If you've been exposed to the other prep material on the market for the CV Exam you will know what I am talking about.  The other companies' materials, in particular their practice tests, are inconsistant and illogical -- making you doubt your self or feel like you are going crazy -- or both!  With other programs you walk into the test feeling slightly confused and paranoid that the BBS is "trying to trick you."  NEWS FLASH: They aren't trying to trick you.  They just want to be sure you have the clnical jugdment and reasoning skills to manage the complex issues our clients present.

With the tools you learn in our workshop, you are the one in charge on test day. You can sit in that chair with confidence and you know how to figure out the right answer. Sure, the exam will still be hard (though about 25% of people we coach actually say it was easy with our strategies), but you will be in a different mental space. The opposite of anxiety and fear is CONFIDENCE. And it is the confidence you will gain through our workshops that will help you tame and PASS the California Clinical Vignette Exam!

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Looking for more practice questions and some study tips? Check out our new Social Work Exam Study Guide:

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