Success Story: An Interview with Yves Domond

By Heidi Tobe on July 31, 2017

Recently I was on an initial coaching call with someone preparing for her LMSW exam. Sharing that this would be her second time taking the exam and worried she was alone in this, she asked “Heidi, have you worked with anyone else who has failed the test before?” I responded with a resounding “YES.” I’ve worked with many individuals who have taken the test multiple times using other study materials, then made the decision to invest in TDC, and PASSED on their next attempt.

When I think about individuals I’ve coached who have taken the test multiple times and then PASSED using TDC, Yves Domond is one of the first people who comes to mind. I had the pleasure of coaching Yves over the past year as he prepared for the LMSW exam. Yves is one of the hardest working individuals I have encountered during my time coaching. He is so hard working, in fact, that self-care and balance were as important a part of our coaching calls as the content was. Throughout his time going through TDC’s program, I saw Yves move from a place of anxiety, self-doubt and extreme over studying, to finding a healthy balance of studying, self-care, and living his life well. There are few moments I enjoy as a coach as much as getting the “I Passed!” phone call, and I was lucky enough to get that very call from Yves just last month!

Recently I interviewed Yves to share his story. He excitedly shared about his own studying journey, hoping it would be an inspiration to others.

First, Yves wanted to share a little bit about himself with TDC’s readers:



Hi, I’m Yves Domond and I’m originally from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. At the age of sixteen, I migrated to Roselle, New Jersey from Haiti to be reunited with my father. I attended ESL classes at the local Community College, obtaining an associate degree as an electromechanical engineer. After working in that field for a couple of years, I went back to school to pursue a diploma in Data Center Support and worked in the field. When my mom was diagnosed with stomach cancer I was the main point of contact in helping her navigate the healthcare system. After she passed, I decided to find more meaning in my life, looking for ways to make sense of the lost. I attended individual therapy and group sessions and as a result decided to go back to school to become a social worker. My hope is to empower clients and inject hope when times are difficult. I graduated in 2014 from social work school.

TDC: How did you find the Therapist Development Center?

Yves: I gathered several study materials from colleagues and other sources. There were times I had doubt if I would ever pass this exam. I prayed, exercised and was still not able to pass. During one my group studies, a Korean classmate shared with me that she purchase study material from Therapist Development Center and was able to pass. I got curious and made a phone call to customer service. The representative was very courteous and empathic to my story, so I signed up!

TDC: What test did you recently pass?

Yves: The LMSW exam.

TDC: How many times had you taken the exam before?

Yves: I had taken that exam four times. The materials I had prior were not sufficient. The materials were not detailed and did not cover the keys area covered on the board exam.

TDC: What did you like about the Therapist Development Center’s approach?

Yves:Once I signed up with TDC, my confidence rose. The audio was very beneficial and my coach Heidi was another source of reassurance. She has been there for me through all the rough times. The support system and the materials TDC created really built my confidence.

TDC: You mentioned materials you used prior to TDC. What difference did you see between TDC’s materials and the other companies?

Yves: The materials at TDC are well written and are broken down in a language that is easy to understand. The other company’s materials seemed overwhelming.

TDC: How long did you study with TDC materials? What did your studying look like?

Yves: I studied for about one year. I studied 4 times a week and my coach reminded me of the importance of self-care and studying smart.

TDC: How did you feel while taking the exam after using TDC materials?

Yves: I felt confident and hopeful.

TDC: What do you think made the difference between the time you passed the exam and the previous times you took the exam?

Yves: The audio files, content and my coach reminded me the importance of managing my anxiety. The reinforcement that I had studied enough and would do well helped build my confidence.

TDC: What were the best and hardest parts of the licensing/testing journey?

Yves: My anxiety was very difficult to manage throughout this journey, but I was able to do so through prayer and exercise.

TDC: How is your life and/or career different now that you've passed?

Yves: The pressure is off now! I passed my exam and feel static, rejuvenated more relaxed. I have a full-time job working at a hospital and feel better opportunities are on the horizon. My goal is to work with the veterans or the elderly. I will be studying for my LCSW soon and will utilize TDC for that process as well.

TDC: Do you have any advice for people studying for this exam?

Yves: Listen to your coach, know the materials, and study smart. Also, self-care is crucial to passing this exam!

TDC: Anything else you'd like to add?

Yves:Prayer and exercise were crucial for me. Study a couple hours a day instead of trying to run a marathon in one sitting. Take the advice of your coach! You are smart enough to finish graduate school, therefore you will be able to pass this exam. You are more than this exam. In due time, you will be on the other side with those that have passed. Smile and welcome your victory.

I’m thrilled for Yves in his success, as I know from our coaching calls over the past year that not having his license kept him from job opportunities he would have been perfect for. Yves is now in a new position and enjoying the free time and free mental space he has post-exam. He is a true inspiration and encouragement to all who are working hard to pass their exams! Whether you’re studying for the first or the tenth time, I encourage you to sign up for TDC today. Like Yves, I am confident you will soon be on the other side of the test with those who have passed very soon!



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August 12, 2017

Ive been studying on and of for about five mnths. I've taken all the exams, studied, listened to the audio about four times through. I've scored 70 to 74% on all of the exams on the first attempt which has me very anxious. I'm supposed to take the test this Tuesday August 15th, but don't know if I should.

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August 12, 2017

Ive been studying on and of for about five mnths. I've taken all the exams, studied, listened to the audio about four times through. I've scored 70 to 74% on all of the exams on the first attempt which has me very anxious. I'm supposed to take the test this Tuesday August 15th, but don't know if I should.

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August 1, 2017

Awesome testimony!! Thank you for sharing. I am also a person who's anxiety takes over, especially when it comes to test taking. I have learned that I have to incorporate structure, relaxation techniques and exercise into my routine. I look forward to really getting things in order and study the correct way for my LCSW exam. I will be so happy when I can smile and welcome my victory.

P.S. How do I get a study coach?

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August 14, 2017

Hi Stephani,

Once you sign up for one of our programs we assign you a coach! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

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