Passing the California MFT Exam: A success story

By Amanda Rowan on October 22, 2012

The best part of my job coaching people for the California MFT Exam is receiving the emails from people in the afterglow of their success. I just got this one a few days ago and felt compelled to share it through our blog because Wendy Labov-Dunne does such a wonderful job articulating her experience of using the TDC approach compared to one of the other MFT Exam Prep companies. If you are deciding whether to trust TDC with you test prep, I hope her words will help you see that there is a better, saner, more supportive way to prepare and pass.

"I passed my MFT Exam - yesterday at 4 pm!!! Still kind of in shock, my body is not cooperating fully, but I am slowing down gradually and definitely need a break!

I want you to extend my heartfelt thanks to you for your wonderful program. I honestly believe that I could have taken the test and passed on using your materials alone, having taken the test (the questions did make sense, as you have said)

I wish I had found you sooner. I could not happily recommend the other company’s program to anyone. It demands spending a lot of time and energy in an obsessive fussiness (not my natural style, not healthy at all for anyone I might add, which you already knew). Taking and retaking those test banks at the beginning, intimidating people to stuff one's head with a bunch of unnecessary facts and theories. The sense of overwhelm in his whole program tends to erode one's self-confidence and caused me to literally dissociate and have a trauma response :-) So antithetical to natural learning. What that company does is so contradictory to what is needed, that I can't help but feeling ripped off. Oh well, live and learn.

Woman holding her crying child

"Don't worry, You're going to Pass your MFT Exam"

Having that aired--- your voice, on the other hand, was like a good mother's, in very sense --- each time I listened, I felt your caring, your encouragement, your desire to have your student pass. Your practical, grounded presence was so helpful, backed by your own personal experience, your sense of humor, and your real life illustrations. It gave me the basics of what was needed. Most importantly you supported our ability to think critically. You intelligently broke the important information down to make it more comprehensible in a straight talking, matter of fact, earthy way The rationale made sense and that alone made learning the material fun and enjoyable! actually enjoyed going back and typing up my notes later from memory of the 50 topics and filled in the other outlines as well. That was a terrific study tool. I even wrote up my own Ethics TRUE statements after taking the T/F quiz which was exceedingly helpful. Also the recognition that we draw from our personal experience and expertise when taking the test, imagining "as-if" one is in a room with a client scenario...the fact that you strongly conveyed that was empowering. Not glossing over that MFT Exam is really hard (and it was, mostly because of the marathon format). It was a revelation to me that what seemed hard at the beginning, when I returned to it later, did not seem as difficult. You said that too. So again, thank you, thank you Amanda. I'll be getting the Vignette curriculum soon."

On behalf of the TDC team, we look forward to helping you pass your California MFT exam and reading your email success story.

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