Our 2012 Passing Rates for the California BBS MFT exams

By Amanda Rowan on August 20, 2013

People always want to know: What is the Therapist Development Center's passing rate on the California MFT exams?  The short answer: 96%.

Now here's the long answer...

MFT Standard Written Exam Passing Rate

First let's take a look at the BBS statistics for the California MFT Standard Written exam. In 2012, 2734  MFTs took the first exam.  Of those, only 1556 passed for a passing rate of 56%!

What about our clients? 384 MFTs studied for the MFT Standard Written exam with Therapist Development Center and 365 passed - 95%!

MFT Clinical Vignette Exam Passing Rate

According to the BBS, 86% of MFTs passed the Clinical Vignettte exam in 2012 with 2115 MFTs sitting for the exam and 1832 passing.

We had 429 MFT use our program and 417 passed for a rate of 97%!

Have you failed the MFT Exams using other programs?

You aren't alone!  More than 80% of our MFT clients in 2012 had failed their MFT exam using other programs and then passed using our study systems.

You can read their reviews here.

Also, we offer free MFT exam assessments for anyone thinking about preparing for their exam again or for the first time!

We look forward to helping you pass!




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