Loving Kindness Meditation

By Asya Mourraille on October 19, 2017


Welcome to our Loving Kindness Meditation blog. My name is Asya Mourraille, LMFT 51838. Many of you would agree that our communities have been hurting quite a bit recently. Between the divisive politics our country has witnessed, destructive hurricanes in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico, deadly earthquakes in Mexico, unprecedented fires in California, and tragic mass shootings, our hearts have been rather heavy lately.

Of course, we need to pay attention to what is going on around us. Of course, we need to lend a helping hand where we can. We need to speak up against the injustices, act to prevent future destruction, and do what we can to help our communities heal. Yet, I feel it is also important to counterbalance all the anxiety, heaviness and anger with kindness. Otherwise, negativity multiplies and leads to more destruction.

Plus, we are in the healing profession. People come to us seeking tools in helping them find ways to restore their hearts, homes and communities. We are the greatest therapeutic tool we have and must take care of ourselves. The impact of the pain we have all been living through is, by and large, a dysregulated nervous system, and it is our job to help our clients calm down and regain clarity. And for that we ought to find our inner balance first. We should calibrate the tool that is our body and soul, so we are able to help other do the same.

Thus, with this blog I want to invite you to meditate on all the goodness that exists in this world, for there is plenty. The very fact that we are alive today speaks of love our mothers have given us. Their bodies have hosted us, nourished us, enveloped us with warmth and protection. They went through months of discomfort that culminated in childbirth, often while being supported by their partners, families and friends, all so that we can get the food, shelter and love that we need to survive.

In addition to our friends and family, we receive enormous love from people we have never even met. All of the people who build roads that keep us safe, work in hospitals that help us when we are ill, teach in schools that we attend to gain knowledge, grow the food we eat, and make the clothes we wear, they all give us their love and support. The list of ways in which we are all interconnected goes on and on forever. Simply think of generations of people who developed the language we use to so quickly and easily speak to and understand each other. All of those who contribute to our well-being in both direct and indirect ways deserve our gratitude and regard.

So please join me here as we sit to cultivate loving kindness towards all beings. We will first start by wishing happiness to ourselves. We will then move on to wishing well to our friends and family. Then to a neutral person. And then to someone we find hard to love. We will complete the meditation by extending our love to all living beings. To listen to the guided meditation, click HERE.


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