Facebook Group Update!

By Heidi Tobe on November 16, 2017

coaching-1.jpgOn October 24th, after months of planning and discussion, we launched our first private Facebook study group for our LMSW and LCSW users. We weren’t sure what to expect or how many of our users would be interested. Now, just over 3 weeks in, we are excited to share we already have over 500 group members, and it is growing every day! The first couple days the posts rolled in slowly as people became acclimated to what the group is and how to use it. Now, the page is flooded daily with people asking questions about some of the trickier content, discussing specific practice questions from the programs, asking for and lending support to their peers, and sharing their stories of success as we have people passing their exams every day!

Our vision was for this to be a user driven group, where social workers could come together to positively and ethically support one another through the study process. Our coaches answer questions, moderate, and make themselves available to the group, but we are excited to see this group be truly driven by those going through the programs. We are inspired by the encouragement provided and the wisdom and knowledge shared these past three weeks and are excited to see what the upcoming weeks and months will bring to this group. Our TDC family, including this group, is a daily reminder of the good in this world-we are thankful for each and every one of you!

If you are a TDC user preparing for your LMSW or LCSW exam and haven’t joined the group yet, we invite you to join today!

While this group is for active LMSW/LCSW TDC users only, all are welcome to follow our public Facebook page where we post weekly blogs, including FREE practice questions!

Still haven’t signed up for an exam preparation program? Our structured, straightforward approach will provide you with exactly what you need! You can learn more about our social work licensing exam prep, MFT licensing exam prep, and continuing education courses by clicking the links below! If you’d like to connect directly with one of our coaches, you can do that HERE.



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