ASWB Exam Registration - What You Need to Know

By Amanda Rowan on August 30, 2021


Hello Social Workers!  If you are looking for information about the ASWB exam registration and how to get starting, congratulations! That means you have already shown your determination and commitment to becoming a Social Worker. Now, all you need to do is pass your exam.  

First things first...

Before moving forward with ASWB Exam Registration, here are some important  things to know:

  • That the Association for Social Workers Boards is in charge of developing and administering the four ASWB exams. These exams are the ASWB Bachelors Level Exam, the ASWB Masters Level Exam, the ASWB Clinical Level Exam, and the ASWB Generalist Level Exam. 
  • That which exam you take depends on the Social Work Board in your state or province which regulates the practice of social work, determining eligibility for ASWB exams, issuing your social work license, and managing the social work licensing renewal process.  To help you navigate all of this, we have compiled a list of all the Social Work State Boards and their requirements here: Therapist Development Center: Social Work Licensure
  • That you can do this! Instead of looking at the examination process as a huge hurdle, think of it as an opportunity to cement all the information you have learned along the way. It’s your chance to show how ready you are to do this work!
  • That other Social Workers are here to help. I am a Social Worker just like you.The reason I started the Therapist Development Center in 2008 was because I saw that many of my colleagues were not provided adequate training in graduate school. They would buy ASWB exam prep programs put out by major corporations like AATBS, Academic Review and Gerry Grossman (all owned by the same company!!!), corporations  that didn’t understand our profession or the ASWB exam. Then a few months and $500+ later, they would fail and think they were never going to pass. If this has been your experience, be sure to reach out. Read our reviews, connect with a coach.  

ASWB Exam Registration

At the Therapist Development Center we understand that many social workers feel that their graduate school program did not prepare them for the exam - and they are right! For this reason, our Exam Prep Programs for ASWB start at the very beginning (a very good place to begin!) regarding the exam content. We start with the basics, then ratchet up our test prep work to practice with the critical thinking questions the ASWB exams focus on. All you do is carve out the time in your schedule and follow the plan!

Carving out the time means setting a test date and completing your ASWB exam registration process.  The act of committing to a test date will most likely cause a spike in anxiety caused by the stress hormone cortisol. While cortisol is the main culprit in the experience of anxiety, in small doses it facilitates the neurobiological changes needed for learning to take place in the brain.  

Putting a plan in place to manage your anxiety so it doesn’t spiral to the point where it paralyzes you is essential. Far too often far too many candidates delay selecting a date and then start studying without a clear plan. This is a big mistake. Our brains thrive on structure.  A clear timeline to reach a well-defined goal--in this case, passing your ASWB Social Work Exam--will help you organize your studying, focus your intention, and support you in managing any anxiety about the stress of performing well on standardized exams. 

Like training for a marathon (and a four hour exam is a mental marathon!), our program is designed to prepare you in 8-10 weeks. When planning for your ASWB exam registration, look at your calendar and pick a date that works for you. Then, be prepared to put in around 8 hours of study a week.  Our 10 step ASWB exam study program will do the rest!  If you have any questions before getting started, someone from our team can explain the process and why we consistently have the highest pass rate in the industry. 

Our amazing Social Work Coaches have all passed the ASWB exams with a score of 90% or higher (I scored 144 out of 150 when I took it!) We know what’s on this test and what you need to do to be fully prepared.  Most importantly, we are with you until you pass.  We look forward to helping you study smart and pass with confidence! 


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