ASWB Exam Prep: Adoption Disruption

By Heidi Tobe on June 9, 2023

Last month’s blog focused on the differences between adoption dissolution and adoption disruption. We offered a FREE ASWB practice question on this topic to prepare you for your LMSW or LCSW exam. Last month’s blog feature a recall question. This month, we are back with a reasoning based question on this topic. 

Adoption Disruption vs. Dissolution:

First, here is a quick review of the difference between these two things:

An adoption disruption is when an adoption is terminated before it is legally finalized.

An adoption dissolution is when an adoption is terminated after it is legally finalized.

Adoption disruptions and dissolutions can occur voluntarily or involuntarily depending on the circumstances surrounding the disruption/dissolution. 

ASWB Practice Question:

An adoption case worker meets with the prospective adoptive parents of a 4-year-old child with complex medical needs whose adoption is set to finalize next month. The parents appear overwhelmed by the child’s medical needs as the court date draws nearer. What should the social worker do NEXT?

A. Discuss the possibility of ending the adoption process.

B. Explore the parent’s specific concerns.

C. Connect the parents to resources to address their concerns.

(scroll for the answer and rationale)

Young Father with Baby


The correct answer is B. We are not at the point that we need to discuss an adoption disruption (A); the parents have not stated that they want to end the adoption process. While C will be important to do, we first would want to explore what their specific concerns are so that we can connect them to resources. When doing B, if the parents express hesitancy about finalizing the adoption, A could be discussed.


ASWB Exam Prep:

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