ASWB Exam Administration Changes

By Heidi Tobe on September 14, 2023

Last month, the ASWB announced they will no longer use Pearson test centers and will switch to PSI testing centers in 2024. 

Why the Change?

ASWB announced two main reasons for the change. The first being values and the second being a remote testing option. 

The ASWB shared that PSI better aligns with their values as an organization. Together, they plan to develop a scholarship fund for repeat test-takers. ASWB and PSI have each pledged to contribute to a fund for future outreach to and support for test-takers, particularly those from historically marginalized communities. 

There will be a remote testing option available through secure online proctoring, which is projected to launch in late 2024.

ASWB Exam Administration Changes


Prior to the transition, PSI will conduct a full test development and psychometric evaluation of ASWB’s examination program. PSI will highlight ‘key areas of excellence’ and identify places where greater inclusion can be integrated into test creation. 

Important Dates

There will be no tests administered between December 16, 2023 and December 31, 2023. Anyone who registers on November 1, 2023 or later will test at a PSI test center beginning January 2, 2024. 

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How does this impact my preparation with TDC?

As of now, this change won't affect our exam prep materials. As always, if there are any changes made to the exam, those changes will be reflected in TDC’s materials.

And remember, if you’re studying with TDC, you’re not alone in this process! You can email your coach with any questions at any time. You’ve got this!



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