MFT Exam Prep Reviews

Elizabeth Irene Shaver , MFT

Follow this program and advice given. It works! I gave myself 6 weeks to study and went through the program twice. I felt very prepared for the test. I would read the test question first (before the long stem) and identify what category of question it was. For example, this is a termination question, this is a legal question, this is a DSM question, etc... to orient me before I read the longer stem. This was extremely helpful and kept me from wasting time getting bogged down in a longer question stem or confusing myself in the details. I finished the test with about 20 minutes to review marked questions and only changed answers if I had an AHA moment. I took 2 breaks. The test center on Hawaiʻi Island would not allow you to eat anything or bring drinks, so I only had water from their water fountain. You could only take a 5 minute or less break for each break. (So check the rules of your specific PSI test center). Asya was a fabulous coach! She was encouraging and answered all my email questions quickly and I never felt like I was asking too many questions. I really wanted to understand why I got questions wrong on the practice tests. I passed with 80%. The only thing I didnʻt do for preparation, which I wish I would have done, was exercise. I pushed myself pretty hard and it would have been good to get out and go for walks during my breaks.

Mark Phelan, MFT

I started this journey while working 2 jobs, having a daughter enter Residential treatment and an ailing Mother. I probably rescheduled this exam 10 times in 10 months, just did not seem to be scoring on the Mocks. You were awesome letting me extend dates along the way. Time was creeping closer to the year deadline, I had to just go for it. I can recite Amanda's dialogue verbatim on many topics. My Mother passed away on Saturday, I took the beast on Monday. I wrote "MOM" with a heart on my scratch paper. I know I passed because of her because as you state, "you will feel like you are failing". I was up to #45 and could not feel like I had ANY of them correct. I took about a 4 minute break at #85, banana, mineral water, sprint to the restroom. Sat back down, while doing the math for 4 months when I would be back for another attempt. I did not mark any questions. Just moved forward. Finished while the clock ticked down from 1 minute. Walked slowly to the front desk, got my stuff out of the locker with a sigh. The "robotic tech guy" printed out the results........I saw the word PASS then the word CONGRATULATIONS. I gasped, I asked Robot guy, "Is there anyone still in there testing?". He said yes, so I picked up my jacket and screamed into it, a muffled scream of pure relief and joy! I shared that my Mom had passed away and this is all I wanted to see. No response from Mr. Robot. Of course I realize later that they may be coached to be flat-line emotionally so that people who don't pass see any big smiles or high fives from the staff. It is done.... I passed. Thank you very much.

Alicia Lucio, MFT

This test has definitely been a journey. Because of life circumstances I was only taking this test once a year during the summer time. I did not want to go another summer without passing. As I was taking the test I truly felt like I was failing it the whole way through. I had to wait for a while to get my results as the testing centers printer was on the frtiz, so as I waited which seemed like forever. I was thinking "now I have to sit here and wait to be told I failed yet again." My thought process was like "well I'll just come back in November." I should point out that as I was taking the test, I was thinking I'd be back in November. Then she handed me the paper that said CONGRATULATIONS! I had no emotion and said I can't believe it says this. I studied before as I did this time, but what changed is that I did not have any anxiety about the test. I took my break (had a banana and water at question 90), I was mindful of my time, and if I didn't know the answer I marked the best one and moved on quickly. This program was a Godsend! It truly packs everything together concretely with the knowledge that I needed to pass. I want to say that some of practice questions looked almost identical so some of the questions on the exam. Thank You TDC, and Thank You Jesus... I passed- Amen!

Jacque Bixby, MFT

Thank you so very much TDC!!! This is my 2nd attempt at the California Clinical Exam. I used a different review course and walked out of the 1st attempt thinking, "that was not the exam I studied for." I knew there was a missing piece to my exam preparation. When I found TDC by accident I knew it was what I needed to prepare. Thank Goodness I found TDC!!! I read the testimonials and knew it was important to follow the course outline step by step. I took the first final mock and scored a 54. I ran past the 4 hours and rushed to finish in the allotted time. I reached out to Asya and she gave me some fantastic coaching!!!
My quiz scores were 68/83. My mock scores were 71/62/71. I did not take mock test II. I reviewed the rationals after mock I, feeling quite defeated. I meditated and realized I needed to "commit." I kept my original test date and passed!!! I have been out of school for 20 years and am coming from Texas with an LPC license. This was the hardest exam I have ever had including getting my MBA. Thank you Amanda and Asya!!! Bring your juice and piece of fruit/fruit roll up for a break! It worked Thank you so much TDC!!!

Nicole J. Cappas, MFT

Fantastic program! The structure was invaluable to maintaining balance in my life, helping me to consistently run through the program reviewing everything we learned becoming therapists, after long days of being a therapist. I ran through it one time, 7 weeks, and took a 3-week break due to personal needs; even with the break, I was able to peruse Quick studies and review parts I felt less strong on (based on self-evaluation from the Mock exams) in just the week prior to my test, and I still passed! The way it was organized helped me move through the concepts easily, and as a result of studying and taking a day off and then studying again, I started to see things play out at work that I was studying, helping integrate the concepts I needed to know and making the studying feel concrete. It also alleviated much of the anxiety about "being a good clinician;" we all know that's not what this exam is testing, but the anxiety is real anyway. Thank you to Amanda and the TDC team for such a comprehensive, easy to use, and thorough study experience. Yay!