MFT Exam Prep Reviews

Gurett Leona Hayes,

I am still in “SHOCK,” that I passed the LPCC Law and Ethic Exam by using the TDC program. After the second fail my colleagues who all were MFT interns (used TDC and passed) told me that I needed to try the TDC program, and at that point I had nothing to lose. I did buy the TDC program. The TDC program was the best purchase I received. The other program for the LPCC Law and Ethics I brought last year did not have any of the topics that was supposed to help with me with the second exam, which I failed miserably. I knew the TDC program was not for the LPCC Law and Ethic, but alot, if not the majority of the questions when I took the exam the second time were covered in the TDC program. The audio was very helpful, which I learned a lot from. I did apply for the AMFT license, which I planned on taking the LMFT Law and Ethic exam soon, which will go very well. The TDC program help achieve my main goal moving forward to get fully licensed. Next for me is to take the LMFT Law and Ethic exam and then focus on both the LMFT and LPCC second part the clinical exams by using the TDC for both exams. Thanks you so so much for having this program. I will continue to use it and share with others my story as well.

Christy Lynn Garcia , MFT

I PASSED on the first try!!! I can hardly believe it and am still shaking and in disbelief!!! But I slayed the beast! Thank you to Amanda and Asya for helping me through this process!!! I submitted my hours in the beginning of December, decided to enjoy the Christmas season and began studying the first week in January 2019. I plotted out my study schedule using the recommendations. and initially planned to go through everything twice and follow the 12-week plan. I ended up doing a modified version of that, only going back and listening to lectures on my weak areas. I took my test on April 23, 2019. (I planned on taking it a little sooner, but postponed due to illness). I took copious notes on each of the lectures, made flash cards for each of the theories and also for some of the areas for which I felt weak. I did good on the first 3 mock exams, but began freaking out after taking the first Final Mock Exam (for which I did HORRIBLE). However, after reading Facebook posts from other sojourners, I felt encouraged to reach out to a coach. So, I sent an email and found it incredibly helpful! Asya sent me a very detailed email and encouraged me review the test to look for my pattern on incorrect answers. She was very thorough in response, therefore I didn't feel I needed a coaching session, but would have used it if I felt that it was necessary. I wish I had exercised more often, and followed Amanda's advice of following a regular routine, however, I did in the last week and it helped ease my anxiety. I got up early on the morning of my exam, ate a sensible meal, packed my snack and ate a piece of fruit along with juice right before the test. And to pump myself up, I listed to Macklemore’s “Can’t Hold Us” on repeat while driving to the test sight! (I remembered that I had done this in grad school when I took my comp exams and it made me feel really good!!!) I highly suggest listening to some sort of “pump you up” song before the test! It’s a real confidence booster. I wrote down several positive affirmations on my scratch paper as well as the timeline that TDC suggests to keep your pace with the questions/timing. Lastly, I took a 5 minute break around question 93, at 121 minutes. I got down to 1 minute with my last question and didn’t have any time to review my marked answers so I just said a prayer, used positive self-talk, and clicked to submit! I HIGHLY recommended TDC to anyone studying for this exam (and the L&E as well)! I appreciate how it's all laid out with a suggested study schedule. What I appreciate most about these materials is the way that Amanda teachers you HOW to think about the test. It's mostly a reasoning test, and I greatly valued the skills that Amanda imparts in regard to narrowing down the answers on the exam. It's a BEAST! But, with her help, you can do it! Ya’ll, YOU GOT THIS!!! You can SLAY the beast!

Brian L. Bentley, MFT

I utilized another program on my first attempt at the National MFT exam. They sent me volumes of information with no way for me to conceive of how to use the information. It was if they expected I would just memorize books of information. Prior to my second attempt I purchased the program from the Therapist Development Center who sent me a well organized program that laid out a study schedule. Which in itself was so much better! However, between the lectures, tests, and test reviews I learned so much in a short period of time. In addition, the breakdown of the DSM 5, along with explaining how several diagnosis are the same, with exception to diagnostic time-frames was brilliant! It allowed me to quickly sort through the correct diagnosis on the exam. This is by far the best program of study that I have come across and would recommend it to everyone. Oh and I passed with this program, with only about 3 weeks of preparation!

Erin Robertson, MFT

TDC was a tremendous help to me for my entire clinical experience, from Law & Ethics and all the way through to the end of my CCE! I took Law & Ethics and passed on my first attempt. I took the clinical exam twice within one year, and passed on my second attempt. I missed the clinical on the first time around by ONE point, and I had run out of time with about 20 questions and 10 minutes left. That being said, I was very aware that time management and anxiety management were the two areas that I needed to practice working through the most. I did just that through my second round of studying for the clinical. I passed each of my three mocks with not just high scores, but with plenty of time left over. One thing that was VERY effective for me the second time around, also, was committing to studying for no more than two hours at a time, much self-care following my studying, and positive affirmations. This is JUST a test. It doesn't define me as a person or a clinician. It's just ONE more silly thing that the BBS requires all of us to do in order to become licensed. Another thing that was super helpful to me was printing out and reading through many of Robin's and Asya's blogs about anxiety and time management. I read through some of them many times a week. The Narrative Therapy Blog was especially useful to me! Since I was feeling a little nervous five days before my scheduled exam and had scored pretty low on the first/final mock exam, I elected to do a private phone session with Asya. This made the difference, truly, in me feeling unconfident and defeated, and powering through this exam with the knowing that I can and will get through it. She especially helped with time management techniques. I finished my CCE with ZERO stress related to time management, moved along at a steady pace, finished on time...and passed! I have been very happy with TDC overall, and with the wonderful support offered by each of the coaches. I cannot thank you all enough for having my back from day one!

Blanca M. Mihedji, MFT

I am finally qualified for LMFT, after arduous years of hard work and sacrifices. TDC has been a big part of this process since passing my Law & Ethics, with your support and now passing the BIG LMFT Clinical Exam - that I thought almost impossible to pass! In the last months as life threw me a lot of challenges, I try to stayed focused with the TDC guide study... then due to work I was not able to take a day to take the exam as planned. I had to postpone it and even people encouraged me to postpone it for months given all the stressors in my life, but personal experiences and the confidence that TDC gave me since I used them for the Law & Ethics gave the courage to take the exam. I did a quick review the day before the exam and I was able to pass the first time. I was at the edge of burnout from work and personal stressors and not doing well with the timing on my Final Mock Exams (scoring 71% but going over the time limit for 30mins and in the second try, I scored 50% which really freak me out). I reached out for support to TDC - Asya and Amanda's voice really gave me the confidence I needed that day to pass my exam. FOREVER THANK YOU because thanks to you I have accomplished a personal and family dream. MUCHAS GRACIAS!