MFT Exam Prep Reviews

Kimberly Dunn, MFT

I had originally spent way to much money on another study system which required a ton of memorizing and gave no help at all on how to actually study for, prepare for, and actually take the test. I felt doomed. I had been out of practice for nearly 4 years and my original Registration number was going to expire in a few short months, so it was now or never. I had already renewed it the most times allowed. I submitted my paperwork in July 2020, and my new supervisor suggested Therapist Development Center to me. I still felt my time was running low and starting back in practice after a four year break meant I had a lot of information to brush up on. TDC was so easy because they helped me lay out my exact plan and when I would study. I would listen to the post casts in my car and as I fell asleep every night. The information was sinking in. When I got to the First of the final mock exams I scored a 58. I was mortified! I had previously been scoring in the 70's and 80's. I reached out to the online coach and she got back to me right away. She assured me the final two mocks were very difficult. I made sure I had enough time to do the second mock and go through all of the rationales prior to my big day. The computers were down when I arrived for my test time and I didn't start till an hour after my appointment. They had given us a dry erase board to use during our test so I used that time to write down all the tips I had remembered Amanda telling us regarding taking this test. There were also some Dx criteria I wrote down that I know would be hard to remember if I was under stress. I wrote as much down as I felt I needed to and then I was ready to start. I followed all of Amanda's guidance on food, and taking a break etc. I finished with 5 minutes left even after taking my break and having some food (the clock is still running even though I stopped to eat), and I'm glad I did because I was recharged and ready to go. The final 15 questions were so hard because I was realizing I was almost DONE! My anxiety was high at this time. I just kept breathing and staying calm, and reading each stem word by word. Relieved was an understatement when the proctor handed me that piece of paper that said "Congratulations." I sat in my car and just cried for a few minutes, tears of joy, and happiness and relief. I know I never could have passed if it were not for these study materials. Thanks to this entire team for creating such an amazing course to help us achieve our goals of licensure! Also, I was able to go onto Breeze and input my info and upgrade my license and it was done instantly after paying with a credit card. I was licensed that very same moment!

Korbi Gosh Biggins, MFT

If you're looking for a one stop shop for test prep, TDC is it. I passed the CA BBS MFT Clinical Exam on my first try because of TDC. The audio recordings were absolutely invaluable, especially for someone like me who has ADD and a difficult time focusing on tedious written material. Thank you, Amanda. The quick studies and the quizzes are also very helpful. The mock exams are BRUTAL but I guess that's the way it should be... as the actual exam is not easy. But I felt as prepared as I could be, because of TDC. The final pep talk was actually pretty key as well. Helped me with time management during the test... not spending too much time on any one question. Just picking the best answer and marking it to review at the end. Thank you again. Much, much appreciated. I would recommend Therapist Development Center to anyone.

Ilya Parizhsky, MFT

The TDC program is fantastic. The study schedule is broken up into manageable chunks, like training for a marathon. I went through each segment of the program in sequence, including taking and then carefully reviewing all of the answers to the two full-length Mock exams at the end of the program. This was the highlight of the course - the two Mocks, and especially going over the rationales and understanding exactly what was appealing to me about the wrong answer and why the right answer was correct, prepared me to engage in the kind of reasoning that is required for the exam. And this is where the coaches were super helpful - if I read one of the rationales for the "correct" answer and still didn't understand something or thought that something seemed inconsistent or off, I would contact the coaches and they would get back to me within a day or two with an explanation that was always illuminating and helpful. I wasn't sure that I was prepared enough going into the exam, but as it got underway I felt more and more confident and it was clear that the work I did in this program was directly paying off. And I was so happy to see the "CONGRATULATIONS You have passed..." on the printout at the test center. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to rock the exam.

Sheila McCabe, MFT

TDC successfully got me through both of the CA MFT Exams, as well as the MFT National Exam. Amanda's professional and academic expertise in the neurological processes involved in learning, and particularly in optimizing the test taking experience, helped to break down the study material into digestible bites that were easier to retain and recall in a testing environment. My experience of working with Amanda and her team in both of the MFT study programs was overwhelmingly positive and provided an organized and concise overview of counseling basics that not only helped me to effectively pass the exams, but also reinforced my knowledge of the foundations involved in being a competent counselor. As such, I utilize my notebook of quick studies and other TDC materials in my practice as a reference guide for case conceptualization and treatment planning. My advice to anyone looking for a study course on either of the MFT licensing exams is to take the TDC course and follow Amanda's learning and test-taking protocol precisely. You won't be sorry. I had spent a lot of money on another program and just felt overwhelmed by the material. Then I learned about TDC's program and signed up first for the CA Exams and later the National Exam. Amanda helped me to reduce my overwhelm and build confidence toward having a desirable outcome. To my knowledge, TDC is simply the best study course out there.

Elizabeth Touma, MFT

So, I finally passed, Thank you for your presentation of the testing I absolutely was not studying right.. Previously, I had purchased study material that was doing a bunch of test and the study material did not prepare me for going into the test. I am unsure I would have passed if I hadn't listened to the end "pep talk" I have had the worst case of test anxiety. The flow was really great I liked how the study material was laid out because it was exactly as the test goes when going in and the audio was great too. I kept wishing the theories were in done in the audio study guide because it really helped navigate the studying. Fun fact: my test was very dramatic and I was so bummed I figured there was no way to pass in the loud construction zone and I'd have retake because the testing site was super horrible. There was construction in the closet right on the other side of my desk! It was so loud that my ear plugs and a pair of ear phones over them did not drown out the noise nor stop the vibrations of the desk. I pushed to the end though and finished. I can't stress enough how important that break at question 100 is and getting some juice/fruit in your system-It was amazing how quick my brain came back online for the remainder of the test. I have recommended ya'll to four people now and two have already purchased.