MFT Exam Prep Reviews

Cynthia Clark-Lyles,

I am still in “SHOCK,” that I passed the Law and Ethic Exam by using the TDC program. After the fourth fail my colleagues told me that I needed to try the TDC program, and at that point I had nothing to lose. I did buy the TDC program. The TDC program was the best purchase I received. The other program for the Law and Ethics I brought did not help with me. I tried to pass the Law & Ethics exam 4 times,  which I failed miserably. I tried to study on my own and failed for a fifth time. I'm so happy I passed with TDC.  A lot of the questions when I took the exam the the last time were covered in the TDC program. The audio was very helpful, which I learned a lot from. The TDC program help achieve my main goal moving forward to get fully licensed. Next for me is to take the MFT clinical exam. I will continue to study by using the TDC. Thanks you so so much for having this program. I will continue to use it and share with others my story as well.

George Duarte , MFT

I did it! I passed! On the first attempt I passed the MFT Clinical Exam and due in a huge part to the TDC program and team. In one short year I passed the MFT Law & Ethics Exam (thanks to TDC), battled and won against cancer (major surgery, successful) and survived the 4 grueling hours of a stressful exam. Anyone taking this course has a huge advantage. If I can do it anyone can. I read so slowly and struggled to adhere to the suggested time frame. After question 144 questions I had only 12 min left. I skimmed the last questions looking for key terms (what would an existential therapist do...), then grabbed at the answer that included the word(s): anxiety, choice, responsibility, freedom, etc. OMG it was terrifying not knowing... When you hear Amanda or Robin say, “be ok with uncertainty” trust and believe they know. The test is hard. This program rocks! I would be glad to share more of my experience or assist in other ways. Thank you all.

Kelisha LaGrone, MFT

This has been a LONG journey! I am so grateful for this program! A few days before the exam, I experienced tremendous anxiety and doubt, which was such an anomaly because throughout the studying I remained GODfident and continued believing that I was passing. My anxiety went through the roof when I got a 50% on one of the four hour Final Mocks. I tried taking the 2nd Final Mock and was unable to finish it (so, yes I completely bombed it!). All of that... BUT GOD! I sensed that I needed to put down my study materials, do some self care, which for me involves praying and exercising. I exercised the day of the test, mediated on the love of my good good Father. I felt God's presence in such a tangible way I knew I was going to pass! During the test, I took my 5 minute break at question 91, drank my juice and trail mix. I actually finished the test in 3 hours! God is good! Honestly, the test was easier than the actual tests provided by TDC. TDC helped to overprepare me for this test and I am so grateful. I passed this test on the first time! Praise the Lord! Thank you Lord for such an amazing company like TDC who is committed to preparing and helping license eligible people navigate such a difficult and even stressful process!

Heidi Ann Hanson, MFT

I have been continually impressed by TDC, a study support/resource which aptly prepared me for the Law & Ethics exam, and now, more recently, for the MFT licensing exam. I was prepared for the psychological aspects of the exam, i.e. the external and internal anxieties, to the extent that I did not actually feel anxious as predicted or have the feeling that I was failing. I was inspired by the recommendation that we go into the starting position of the exam with an “aggressive” and positive, present-centered attitude. My acceptance of a potential uncomfortable feeling “that I was failing” turned out to be a sort of Strategic paradoxical intervention. I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at question 100 and had more time remaining than I did on any of the mock exams. I felt prepared to eliminate obvious “rule outs” and narrow down the choices so that I was looking closely at the stem of the question and noticing what was a stand out answer. Everything that was recommended and reviewed was pertinent. I believe what I enjoyed most about the study process was the recommended use of imagery, i.e. seeing the client(s) in the office, and my increased awareness that I am a part of a craft where lines are often grey and flexible, less the concrete laws and ethical standards. I feel fortunate to have had such an organized study resource available to me; more so, I felt the support of a coaching crew who inspired the integrity of my discipline and study habits.

Lindsay Maisey, MFT

TDC was the best investment I could have made to help me pass the law and ethics and clinical exams the first go around. The program truly teaches you to think correctly and manage anxiety- the two things most needed to pass, not so much memorization. Amanda is an incredibly gifted clinician and teacher and I will always be thankful for how her way of explaining things clicked with me. Thank you also to Robin who answered all of my many emails. This test is difficult and feels surreal but the mocks are the best preparation, even more so than just memorizing things. For some reason it did feel like I was failing but yet there’s also this underlying confidence I had that I would not ultimately fail because I knew this stuff! The law and ethics portions were a breeze since I still remembered the material from that course a while back, that shows that the way Amanda teaches actually sticks. I feel this experience has grown my confidence tremendously as a LMFT!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!