MFT Exam Prep Reviews

Carolyn R. Edwards, MFT

I can not say enough about this wonderful comprehensive test prep program! I have used several other packages and attended several other 2 day seminars all in an effort to pass my exam only to unsuccessfully fail my exam. :( I switched my study program turned to TDC and within day one of listening to Amanda's voice my anxiety decreased and I began actually enjoying the prep study process. Each week gaining confidence in myself and my ability to learn and finally pass this exam. Thank you so much for preparing me for my mft exam! Trust the process, read and listen to all of the study program, spend time with the rationales of right verses wrong answers, use the online help from the staff at TDC, stay on pace with the study program it pays off in the end! Thank you TDC!!

Krystal Williams, MFT

I passed my exam and I'm beyond thrilled! TDC OVER prepared me for this exam and I'm truly grateful. I began studying in Nov 2018 for a month or so and did okay the first round, but once Dec hit and holiday festivities began, I decided to take a break and start again at the top of the new year! After going over the curriculum a second time my scores increased dramatically! (Good sign right!) Anyways took my 1st final mock exam and FAILED miserably and it took me FIVE hrs to complete (I'm a slow reader)! I panicked since my exam was 5 days away and decided to reach out to one of the coaches available Asya M. She emailed me within 24hrs and provided me with some great advice on how to look at the questions and some additional words of encouragement!. That helped big time! I took the SECOND final mock exam 48hrs before my exam and scored significantly high thanks to Asya recommendations and I felt confident going into exam day. EXAM DAY! I was nervous but confident at the same time. Questions throughout the exam were similar to the TDC material which was a little scary lol. I left feeling like TDC exam were WAY harder than the ACTUAL CLINICAL EXAM!!! That should tell you something! TDC teaches you how to answer the questions and think through challenging scenarios! I am forever grateful for this experience! Thank you TDC!

Earlee Washington, MFT

I am so happy to share my news with you!! And I hope that the team and Amanda read it. I've struggled over my exam for a period of 6 years! Back when it was just one test, then it became Law & Ethics first, then the Clinical Exam. I took the initial test more than 5 times, honestly, I really did.  Then, I decide that it was too much and would stop trying. Then I started making training investments in Gerry Grossman's 8-hour tutoring classes, one-on-one tutoring, and two-day 8 hour classes. I spent lots of money and my self esteem took a pretty bad hit, yet by working with my clinical supervisor, I was getting so much experience as a therapist and I knew that it's what I should be doing! I've been in practice since 2009. Last month, my clinical supervisor who'd been ill, and I didn't know it, passed away! OMG, I won't even tell you the extreme sadness, anxiety, confusion and stressed I've had. I kept booking the test for the past 3 months, then I'd change the date. Well, it's a long a story so I'll cut it now and tell you that last Friday I decided I'd take the test, and if I didn't pass (really didn't think I would since focusing had become a real issue), I would make a decision about whether I'd try again. I took the exam, and whenever I'd want to choose an answer that was based on my "experience" as a therapist, I would absolutely hear Amanda's voice saying "if there's an option that mentions educating the client, choose that answer!"  Wow, she said we'd hear her voice, and I surely did. And I PASSED!!!  I had an emotional spell right there in the PSI testing office! OMG, I had to get a grip before I could drive home. I managed to call my husband, I could hardly talk at first, and he said "you passed it, didn't you!" THANK YOU, AMANDA ROWAN & TEAM!!!  You saved my career, and I would advertise for you any time you need me too, no $$ necessary!  I really mean that!  I am a Los Angeles County employee (Health Program Analyst) and I have a private practice which is truly my life work, and I can't thank you guys enough! It is really odd, though, not having to WORRY about studying! I actually have my life back. I have you to thank for that. God bless you.

Rachel Smith, MFT

I passed!!! It's hard to describe the feeling of relief when they hand you that paper and you frantically search it to finally find the small words that say "Congratulations!" and "Pass". This was my first time taking the MFT Clinical Exam and TDC was the best preparation I could imagine. The lectures were thorough, the quick studies were helpful, the anxiety calming strategies worked, and twice I emailed them and got impressively prompt replies. I actually emailed in a panic one week out from my test after I had taken the first final mock and bombed it; Asya replied within hours (on a weekend no less!) with the most encouraging, calming words, reminding me of strategies and helping me figure out where I was struggling the most. During the test, I felt like I could hear Amanda's voice while I was reading each question which was helpful in eliminating possible answers. I came down with a horrible head and chest cold a few days prior to the test (of course that would happen) and had to run out of the testing room to drink water to stop coughing like 3 times, but because I was thoroughly prepared from this TDC program, I still made it!! I had friends show me their study materials from a different company, and I can definitely say TDC is the most like the actual exam and prepared me so well. Do the whole program as they suggest and follow their guidelines and suggestions - it's worth the time and effort for sure. Well worth the cost as well - I budgeted and saved for it while I was waiting for my hours to clear so I didn't dip into other funds; so SO worth it. One thing I loved which I would've never thought to do on my own, was to encourage myself in the 3rd person, like Amanda suggests. I wrote really big at the top of my scratch paper "Rachel, you've GOT this!" and when I would get overwhelmed, which happened a lot, I would pause for 2 seconds with my eyes closed and then look down at those words and attack it with a new fervor. I cannot express my thanks enough for the amazing program of TDC, the kind encouragement of Asya via email, and just the thought and effort that has been put into not only creating this program, but also keeping it up to date and perfectly relevant to the current exam! Now today I took the day off and am heading up to Sacramento to personally hand in my Application for Initial License Issuance! yay!!

Dunya Fraser, MFT

Thanks to the TDC crew, I was able to pass my MFT clinical!  I remembered Amanda's story about being in a state of shock after the exam and not remembering her parents home number. I have a similar story: I was really upset for few days after taking the test because my best friend had not contacted me to see how I did on the exam. When I told her how I felt, she told me that I had called her immediately after the exam and we talked all about it! Truth: I have no memory of talking to her!  

I have extreme test anxiety, almost a phobia, and it took me months to feel comfortable enough to take the exam. This is my second attempt... the first try was right after a TBI that put me in a rehab hospital for a while. I didn't feel so bad about failing that time due to my TBI, but was disheartened and felt the exam prep (from another company) I used, had NOT prepared me sufficiently for the test. This time, just to make sure I was fully prepared, when my initial study time was up, I still didn't feel ready (of course) and I contacted TDC to request an extension... fully expecting to have to defend myself. But NO! I received a reply email stating OK and my study program was extended to the end of the year, no problem, no worries! 

The study program was organized in such a way that I could tailor it to my personal learning style. As I am an older learner, I am used to paper and red pencil and not with reading from a computer and prefer to see the big picture initially before breaking it down to smaller components. Due to this, I ended up making white boards of all print outs, theories etc, with corresponding interventions, key notes, and put them on my wall. I was able to memorize the drawings and codes I set up which helped me with recall when I was confused and just in general.  

Due to the extensive rationales and intensive studying along to Amanda's voice, I felt confident going into the exam room and followed the Dr's orders: pretended I was in the room with the client, imagined Amanda's voice talking and thinking things out loud, brought a carb snack and ate a protien/carb breakfast, gave myself down time for two days before the exam, especially because my brain was on overload and I needed to give it a rest.  

Thank you so much TDC. I will absolutely recommend your test study program to fellow MFT associates!