MFT Exam Prep Reviews

Kenniece Tolliver, MFT

I used TDC to prepare for the CA Clinical Exam and found it to be invaluable. The schedule is very manageable and I like that the program is organized and structured. I really appreciate the audio lectures because I am the type that needs to listen and take copious notes in order to absorb the information provided. The information was relevant and current, which really helped. I also appreciate that so many dynamics were covered and I learned more in this program than I have all my years as an intern. I would definitely recommend TDC for anyone who is preparing for the clinical exam.

Alicia Soriano, MFT

TDC was really helpful with testing strategies. I think THAT really helped me navigate both exams (passed both first time). I am a SLOW test-taker which is NOT a good quality especially when it comes to the clinical exam. Even though I was the last one to finish the exam, the strategies TDC taught about reading each word and the eliminating certain answers, picking an answer and "moving on" really helped me save time which I truly believe made the difference between me passing and not. I avoided wasting precious test time by knowing what to look for in the question stems. I followed the plan as best I could with a full-time job and family obligations and it worked! I didn't use any other study materials other than TDC. Thanks a bunch Amanda for a program that worked for me!

Gabriel Perfecto,


I used the TDC program to help study for my MFT Law and Ethics exam and I thought the information covered was delivered in a way that I could learn. I think I most benefited from the rationales following each mock exam and the email feedback as well. I was able to pass the exam on my first attempt. Sending my thanks to the TDC team!

Valerie Novak, MFT

This was such a wonderful asset for preparation, not only in a practical sense, but emotional and psychologically as well. I felt well prepared and actually enjoyed taking this exam. A sort of "Zen" happened during the course of study. I did take a break for a few weeks and went on vacation before going into the last round of studying and review. Amanda, you were right. You *were* in my head! I found myself chuckling a few times reading scenarios and imagining rationale for the answers. Thank you so much for providing this excellent service. 

Lori Weinenburg, MFT

I tried TDC first for Law and Ethics to see how it was compared to other programs and I not only passed the first time but felt confident in my answers. I decided to stick with TDC for the clinical exam and passed on the first try as well! The lectures help get Amanda in your head and she was definitely with me while taking the exam. There were quite a few questions that I had to stop and ask myself “how would Amanda Rowan approach this question!” Thanks TDC!