MFT Exam Prep Reviews

Lynn Bautista,

The prep program was unique in the fact that for once in my life felt adequately prepared for an exam.

Cristina Zamora,

Thank you for the encouragement your program offers. I felt overwhelmed with the idea of studying and preparing myself for the test, but your programs takes one by the hand and it gives you the confidence that you don't need luck, because you studied.

Daniel Butler,

TDC helped me to feel fully prepared for the exam. While I had some lingering doubts about my readiness before I'd completed the program, those doubts almost totally vanished by the time I reached the final modules. The support of TDC staff cannot be underestimated. Robin's availability to answer questions and offer support helped me to contain my anxieties and develop a 'passing' attitude.

Ana S. Salmeron-Hernandez,

Taking this course helped me feel confident about passing the test. It's important to follow Amanda's advise. I'm currently preparing to take the clinical exam.

Autumn M. Erickson,

I passed the California Marriage and Family Therapist Law & Ethics Exam! Thank you, Amanda! I will definitely recommend the TDC to colleagues, family, and friends!