MFT Exam Prep Reviews

Ti Brock,

I must say that I was blown away at how prepared I was for this exam! The study materials from Therapist Development Center (TDC), served to not only prepare me for and ultimately pass the exam; but, my usual test anxiety was diminished to almost nothing. Reason, the aforementioned materials made the state exam feel familiar and it was just like being at home taking a practice exam. In fact, my anxiety came after the test because I was able to complete the exam in 45 minutes- one-half of the 1.5 hours allotted to take the exam! Lastly, TDC was very supportive of me in a time of personal need where I was experiencing a 'rough patch of life' and required multiple extensions. TDC was empathetic and responsive and I am deeply grateful to them for everything. I will absolutely be placing my faith in them once again by purchasing the prep materials for the Clinical Exam. If you are shopping around for prep-materials for your exam; shop no more! You have found what you are looking for in TDC! To any and all whom might be thinking this is a paid or internal endorsement, please feel free to contact me at and I can provide you with whatever you need to feel confident in this investment. Best wishes and The Lord's blessings to you!

Xay S. Vang,

I felt like a success thanks to all the tips and strategies provided. During the exam I felt as if I was pulling out all those tips and advices you gave me out of a hat. I felt confident answering each question and I recognized those few questions that just didn't make sense, which I never thought I would. Thanks, especially to Amanda. Thinking of you being in the room and hearing your voice walk me through questions I felt uncertain about, especially around timeline, reporting sexual abuse of minors, and when getting the answer down to 2 options, really helped to keep me moving instead of becoming stagnant!

Karen Forsthoff,

I was licensed in another state before relocating to California. When I applied for my MFT license I discovered that I needed additional coursework to qualify to sit for exams. I invested in the additional training AND chose to invest in TDC exam preparation. TDC provided me with the education, structure, guidance, and confidence I needed and I passed the MFT L&E exam!

Lola Blevins,

I believe that TCD was a great program for learning not only how to take the test, but solidifying the content as well- I am much better informed on L&E than I had been before working with this material.

Eva Hogan,

Thank you for helping me to become a better clinician. I truly appreciate it.