MFT Exam Prep Reviews

Fiona Ruddy,

I really appreciate the mix of written and audio information since we all process information differently. I also liked the number of practice exams; I feel I learn more when I get an answer wrong. With the rationales I was able to get accustomed to the purpose of the question and how to think it through.


Alicia I. Rodriguez,

This program really helped me in preparing for the L&E exam. I was able to apply all strategies discussed and covered through the program. I am extremely thankful this resource helped me pass the exam, but also clarified and educated me on the most current information.

David Nabhan,

TDC stepped in when I needed them most. The course helped tremendously with organization. The best thing about the study program is the way that all issues are addressed from different angles; reading, quizzing, listening to audio........I was able to look at the material from different angles. Studying material from a variety of approaches and different senses (sight, sound, writing with hand, etc.) all seem to reinforce the material from all angles. I will be using TDC for the next MFT exam!!! Thank you for the excellent exam prep program.

Paulina Smith,

I felt like I was not doing well on the practice exams, but I felt like they were similar enough to the real test questions so I felt more prepared. Thank you!

Dessarina Mulitalo,

I am a new mother and it was a bit rough for me trying to find time set aside to study. The thoroughness of this program, I believe, is what was probably the most helpful for me when studying. I wasn't able to study completely according to the study plan given, but I was able to study all contents well enough for 2 hours at a time and I felt fully prepared and very confident going in. I am thankful for the advice on not getting stuck on certain questions, which I constantly reminded myself when reading questions that felt completely off the wall, and I think that's what helped me to get through the exam without worrying about missing answers. Thank you so much! I appreciate this course so much! Now on to the PCC L&E exam!