MFT Exam Prep Reviews

Breawna Lane, MFT

I did this program of 65 hours in 10 days and passed my test on the first try.  This definitely prepared me not only for the exam but to be a better clinician.

Michelle Saviano,

I passed! This program really helped set me up for the reality of how the test is set up and even how to think during it! Super Helpful!

Sarah Christine Hoppmeyer, MFT

I used TDC for both exams and was able to pass both the first time. The way this program is organized makes studying so much easier and enjoyable! I have recommended TDC to several of my colleagues. Thank you!

Benjamin Heilveil,

Thank You! I could not have been more prepared for the exam. The actual exam felt exactly like a practice exam from TDC. The tone and style of the practice exams perfectly matched the test questions.

Dalila Santa Cruz,

Passed my Law and Ethics exam. TDC helped me in having a better understanding of the questions. I used the key test testing strategies. Love this program and will be using it again for the Clinical Vignette.