MFT Exam Prep Reviews

Sabrina Chiu, MFT

This was the only study material I used for both the Law and Ethics Exam and the Clinical Exam. Passed both on the first try! I definitely found the study material to be extremely helpful! It went over strategy as well as content. The only thing that might be different was the amount of reading comprehensions and vocabulary in the answer itself. I found the answers on the actual test to be far more confusing than the practice tests. The question stems were great! But otherwise, very helpful and thank you so much for helping me pass!

Ana Paula Gomes Mauro,

Thank you so much for the excellent exam prep. I previously did not passed the MFT national and I had my confidence shattered. As Amanda said in the last recording, when we are used to acing our exams, failing on license exams is very hard on the self-esteem. I bought 2 AATB's study guides, and 1 Gerry Grossman; what waste of money. I will buy the TDC clinical study prep for sure!

Valentina Setteducate,

I used TDC to study for my exam 3 weeks before taking it. I felt well prepared and felt that the advice on how to take the test was very helpful. It helped alleviate some of my nerves and anxiety.

Rosetta J. Dunbar,

This course is very thorough. All areas are covered completely, and the consent is empowering. I highly recommend this exam site for exam prep.

Bryce L. Stein, MFT

The most useful part of this program was learning the rationales for the answers and being focused on what areas would be tested.