Social Work Exam Prep Reviews

Brenda Carrasco Haro,

I am beyond grateful for the Therapist Development Center. I passed the LCSW California Law and Ethics Exam on my first try while 38 weeks pregnant and supporting my mom as she battles cancer. Thank you TDC for the support and awesome study material!!

Tara Mackie,

I could not have passed without your program. I learned so much, not just for the test, but for real life application. I know I am a better clinician because of your program. Thank you!

Kelly Bradford, LCSW

I purchased the TDC study program for my LCSW exam on the advice of a colleague. I found the program to be very well organized and it really helped me to prepare for the test. I felt confident going in and I passed on the first try.

Sarah Cranbury, LCSW

I passed the exam on the first try. I believe the tips on how to approach the test questions made the difference for me. I also really appreciated being able to speak with a coach over the phone, it was a real confidence booster.

Elizabeth Lopez Sarabia, LCSW

I passed the clinical exam on my first try and while on maternity leave. What helped me the most were the audios since I would play them while caring for my newborn or doing stuff around the house. During the actual exam, I had Amanda's voice in my head which helped a lot when I had to put things in order. I highly recommend TDC.