Social Work Exam Prep Reviews

Moises Rico,

I believe this program prepared me to pass; without this program my success to pass would have been slim.

Nancy Ruiz-Barnes, LCSW,

Thank you for the help that I received.  Though it took me 3 tries I passed.  First two times I missed by very little.

Karen S. Jay, LCSW,

Thank you TDC for guiding me to passing my test on my first try.  I am still in a bit of a fog over it all. I studied for almost 4 months and found the Mock tests to be really useful. Taking the quizzes, 1/2 mocks, and full mocks helped so much with my anxiety about taking the actual test. I felt more comfortable after completing each test and being able to see how I did. Thank you again TDC!!! Also, just a side note, I graduated with my MSW 24 years ago and decided to pursue my license about in 2013.  It is NEVER too late, and so good to keep learning.  :)

Teresa Aparicio, LCSW,

Everything TDC provided me to study with was on the actually test and I felt super prepared for the exam. Thank you.

Andy Yen, LCSW,

TDC is the only study system you should use if you want to pass the LCSW Clinical Exam!