Social Work Exam Prep Reviews

Cynthia S. Edwards, LCSW

Absolutely the best preparation program available. Thank you!

Stephanie Hatfield,

I would not have passed the exam without this study program. Not only did I learn the necessary information, but with each practice test I learned how to think about each question.

Lorie L. Walker, LCSW

I used your materials for the Law and Ethics and also had great results. I had several colleagues who had used other materials and did not pass. I recommended your materials, they utilized and they passed.  Thank you for all you do!

Yaneli Pinedo,

The first time I took the exam, I used a different prep resource and I failed the exam. Maybe reading a whole book to learn the material was not my style of learning. Hence, I tried TDC and I loved it. The material was well organized and explained. In my opinion, the set-up of the program and different variations (audio, worksheets, quizzes, charts) made the program engaging with a different fun way of learning. I really enjoyed the audios because they felt like a casual conversation with a colleague, compared to other professional, proper boring material. The worksheets where also a great quick go-to tool or reminder. Definitely will be using this for my licensure exam!

Ashley Ray Bishop, LCSW

I used this program in its early days to pass the CA written and vignette exams 5 years ago (when Amanda still offered live sessions). I was 6/8 months pregnant and passed both the first time. Since I moved to a new state and found myself having to take the national exam, I started reviewing my old study materials but felt overwhelmed. So I decided to utilize the new system and loved the structure. It made it easy to fit studying into by busy schedule as a mom of two young ones. I felt confident going in and passed with flying colors!  Thank you Amanda and Bethany!