MFT Exam Prep Reviews

Jessica George,

I am grateful for this program. I passed my first time through. It wasn't just for me, I did it for my family. I just finished an hour ago and I went in armed with knowledge. I was faced with much harder questions but somehow my knowledge from this allowed me to pass. I am a very nervous test taker and lost sleep. Robin helped me through some of my issues throughout the studying and was incredibly encouraging. Thank you. Now a well deserved break, a good trashy novel, some beach time with my kids and dogs, and then prep for the CV! Thank you!

Renee Ortiz,

I felt good and prepared for the exam!

Sonya Washington,

The recordings were the best! The learning materials were easy to process and I loved the tips and mock exams!! Thank you so much!!!

Christine Hjortnaes, MFT

The Therapist Development Center was very instrumental in my passing the Clinical MFT exam today!! The test was very difficult and some of the questions did not make sense, but Amanda and TDC provided the necessary tools to be able to think each question through and come up with the best answer. Thank you!!

Bobby Thomas, MFT

I missed the first exam by 3 points and really needed guidance to help me focus. After using the TDC program, I passed by 14 points and increased my scores in all but one area. This program was vital to my success.