MFT Exam Prep Reviews

Iris R. Leary,

TDC helped me tremendously with the Law and Ethics exam! I was anxious, but prepared as a result of studying with TDC. Her examples were very close to the ones on the exam. I am so grateful. Now if I can pass the Clinical exam...

Kimberly S. Sharp,

TDC helped me to thoroughly prepare for the BBS Law & Ethics Exam. I passed on my first try!! I will certainly be using their study materials for the clinical exam. Thank you, Amanda, for all the work you put into recording the lectures.

Jessica Alnarraie ,

Great program. If you want to pass you have to get Therapist Development Center Program it's awesome!!!!!

Yvonne Rios,

TDC helped me learn the material and feel confident before and during the test. I used Amanda's tips and took her with me in the exam. I am grateful for this program and can't wait to use if for the clinical exam.

Erin A. Burd,

This is by far the best test preparation materials I have ever used for exams throughout the MFT experience. I was calm and ready the day of the exam, many questions were actually easier than many of the mock exam questions (that is after doing the studying, taking ALL mock exams and reviewing rationales). Like all things, you get out of it what you put in. The amazing thing about this program is the structure which helps ensure you do go through all the steps, focus on the essential material, and experience applying what you learn in different scenarios and the audio helps walk you through decision making process during the exams. Excellent program!