Marguerite M. Ferrell, Redding, California

I just took the test and passed on my first attempt!!!! I want to say thank you for this great program. The program was perfect for me, and I would like to share that some of your passing testimonies and reviews helped me. For those who are taking your test soon, review 50 topics, how to take the test, especially how the question is first worded, a few days before the test. This helped me with the passing score as I was stuck in the process and picked how we were taught to study. My initial scores were not very strong on the mock exams, but in the last few days, I reviewed why and this helped me through the process and provided many "ah ha" moments during the actual exam. Remember to answer according to the unit of treatment, identify the client and symptomatology in the stem, and that you answer as a therapist with unconditional positive regard and client autonomy! Amanda and the team, thank you for the excellent program and for speaking to me along the way.

Jessica M. Pedroza, Muriette, California

The TDC study guide made studying for the California LMFT clinical exam easier than trying to study with books. The study guide was organized, made the material easy to review, and provided a lot of great exam taking strategies. I am happy to say that I passed my exam on my first try, I will absolutely recommend this study guide for other therapists!

Adena Hassan, Burbank, California

I appreciated the availability and responsiveness of the TDC staff, always ready and willing to be helpful in our journey and process. They gave me a ton of support and were very helpful. Don't hesitate to email them questions when needed or schedule a brief phone call to check in on your progress or if you need more direction/guidance!

Natasha Smith, Fresno, California

TDC has everything you need to pass the LMCE; I highly recommended.

Gregory Good, El Cajon, California

I purchased the LMFT study program in January 2021, hoping to finish my internship hours in June and take my licensing exam shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, I experienced numerous setbacks with the BBS, and I wasn't approved to take my exam until May 2022. During that time I requested program extensions 4 times, once after a previous extension had expired. And the TDC staff never hesitated to provide the extensions I needed! I am so grateful for their quality study material and practice exams; I passed on my first attempt!

Corrie Keener, San Bernardino, California

Thank you for your program. I listened over and over.

Charles Nesbitt, Cathedral Cty, California

I tried TDC and failed thinking the program was the problem. I bought Gerry Grossman, went through it twice and failed two more times. Came back to TDC, followed the program to a 't' and passed on the fourth try. Thank you TDC!

Sara Daniel, Victorville, California

I could not have passed the exam without TDC!

Gloria Magana, Moreno valley, California

This study plan was excellent. I followed the program exactly how it was suggested and I was able to pass the examine. This study system helps efficiently prepare you in all topics so you will be ready for anything on the exam.

John Torres, Hayward, California

Thanks TDC for helping me pass my test. There is no way I would have been able to without the study guide/program.